Is Verbal Reasoning Really Difficult?

Most of the students think that verbal reasoning is very difficult as it contains lots of grammatic rules. Today, let’s see how easy it is to solve verbal reasoning.

Let’s do a small verbal reasoning test here

Crude oil (also known as petroleum) is a type of fossil fuel found beneath the earth’s surface. It is formed by the build-up of fossilized organic materials such as algae and plankton.

Answer the below questions using the above paragraph

You got 3 options

A) True B) False C) Cannot tell

Q 1) Crude oil is made up of algae and plankton

Q2) It takes long time for the formation of fossil fuel

Choose your answers Don’t pick at the answer given here

Answers: – Q1) A Q2) C

So, you must have selected the correct answer for the first question but when it comes to the second question most of you might not have gotten the right answer

So, let’s see the explanation here

You must’ve noticed this statement above

“Answer the below questions using the above paragraph”

The paragraph never mentions about the duration for the formation of fossil fuels yet we all know that the second statement is true but in verbal reasoning to test our knowledge on a particular subject matter is of no use. The answer must be obtained from the paragraph itself.

Now the answer is quite apparent

From this small test, you’ll feel as if these tests are kind of easy but they tend to become difficult due to lack of practice and exposure

These tests are conducted everywhere in colleges especially during the interviews by some top multinational companies.

So, one of the best methods to get good exposure to solving these kinds of questions is to practice them, so, do practice them. Good luck

  • Sruthi Chakravarthy