Is Communication A Skill or A Trait?

We all know that the activity of conveying a piece of information through our talk or write-up or some visual sign or other behavior is called communication. It is also a two-way process where we communicate to transfer our ideas/inform/persuade others.

But nowhere the question is if speaking in fluent English language is a mandatory skill for all the jobs? Let’s check it below…

First of all, let’s see what is a skill and what is a trait?

Skills Vs Traits

Skill: An ability that has been acquired by training

Trait: A distinguishing feature of one’s personal nature

Few say to get the proper English-Speaking skill you’ll have to have certain personality traits, such as…

  • Curiosity to learn the language and converse effectively and confidently to the wider public.
  • You need to organize how you learn it in a systematic and proper way.
  • One should have proper patience to get the basics right to get the complete command over the language.
  • One should think in English to properly imbibe the attitude of that language for proper communication in that language.
  • You have to beat their MTI (Mother Tongue Influence) and other cultural competencies to become proficient at English.
  • One has to be self-aware to get its importance in day to day life and understand and transact properly.
  • Ability to listen carefully and reproduce will also help you enhance your communication skills.
  • Some say the ability to code might help them work on the given task, but the ability to communicate effectively will make them lead on several cross-functional teams and projects.
  • English speaking skill actually depends on both the subject knowledge and common sense and social intelligence on how one gets it.
  • Unlike hard skills that are technical, soft skills cannot be measured and evaluated, they are the personality traits which has to be understood over time. As communication skills fall under soft skills, one has to acquire it over time.
  • As training and rewarding one’s personal traits are tough, it is generally tough for a few to learn it whereas for others it is very easy.
  • To acquire any skill requires environmental stimuli and capacity to assess the situation and it depends on one’s personality, such as how quickly estimates and gets the mood of the location.

Why Fluency In English Is A Must In Technical Organizations?

  • First of all, it is true that with English we get some information online and get access to lots of books and websites and it is a must have the skill to crack the interviews.
  • Negotiating and Influencing becomes a cakewalk when you have a better command over the language while you communicate with your business opponent.
  • You can work autonomously if you are good at commanding and communicating and it is said to complement one’s hard technical skills.
  • It is also said that 80% of our success depends on how we communicate in the workplace and only 20% depends on our hard skills.
  • Therefore, one cannot deny the fact that fluency in spoken English is a must at the workplace for all the above reasons. Hope, you too will master the above skill and succeed in life.

-Hemachandra Prasad