Importance of Project Work


Projects play a major role in the academic life of a student. Because there are credit scores awarded for submission and viva related to Major and Minor projects the approach of students towards projects becomes very academic and myopic in nature.

Students don’t realize that project work plays a very big role in the interveiw and selection process. What many HR recruiters share about technical aspirants is that they don’t have technology in their language, which means that students lack the following things:

  • Using technical words and terminology
  • Awaresness of cutting edge technology
  • Ability to explain how technology works
  • Showing passion and interest in the technology of their choice

  Students don’t have technology in their language

This challenge posed is primarily because students have not had the opportunity to interact with technology in a hands-on manner. There is no substitute for live real time project work.

Every technologgy student should strive to do 1-2 live hands on projects in the up coming areas of their choice. Some areas that give a good headstart for studnets are:

Circuit Branches:

  • IOT
  • Data Science
  • Robotics
  • Analytics
  • Web Application using Java Full Stack
  • Web Application using MEAN Stack
  • Android App Development

Non Circuit Branches:

  • Automobile Solutions
  • Manufacturing Process
  • Lathe Machine, CNC Machine
  • Six Sigma

Students should add relevant hands-on experience and understanding of tools, processes, designs, workflow and terminology used in their respective areas.

Further, it is a good idea to practice ‘Self-Introduction’ using the information gathered during the project thus being prepared for any Campus Interview.