Importance Of Non-Verbal Communication(Part -2)

As we previously discussed, Non-verbal communication plays a very important role in our workplace. It happens through our visual cues and body movements such as our dress, color, physical signs, touch, eye contact, biting teeth, nails, winking eye, raising eyebrows, first impression, footprints, walking style &, etc defines what we are…

Negative impressions too happen through these Non-verbal modes, so, one has to be careful and aware of it too.

Three most common Non-verbal communication forms the makes two-thirds of overall communication are

1) Body postures

2) Gestures and

3) Facial expressions

Let’s see how they play an important role in the workplace…

1) Body Posture

If a person sits straight with straight legs, it is understood that the person is disciplined, focused and attentive to the ongoing event.  

Whereas, if a person is leaning to his chair with crossed legs then it is to be understood that the person is either not attentive or not interested in the ongoing discussion and if he yawns in between, then it’s a clear signal that he wants to get out of that place.

So, your body posture speaks volumes about you when you participate in a meeting or a group discussion.

2) Gestures

If a person is with clenched hands to himself/to somebody, then it can be interpreted as he is in deep stress or deep thought.

Similarly, crossed arms demonstrates insecurity.

This is mostly seen in the case of college girls, where newly joined college girls make their college entry by holding books inside their arms.

Whereas a person with free arms indicate that a person is of high spirited with self-confidence.

3) Facial Expressions

Facial expressions too play a major role in our day to day communications. These give out small yet typical information about a person and his state of mind.

For e.g. Absence of crinkles in a person smile says it is fake because the same person laughs loud when he laughs for a joke on someone else.

Similarly, too much of eye shifts/eyebrow-raising while answering something may seem that he must be trying to lie or lying.

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-Sandeep Kaza