Importance Of Non-Verbal Communication!

Today let’s discuss something about Communication skills. To start with, let’s first understand

What is communication?

Communication is transferring of information/ideas through our speech/writings, actions or using any other medium.

What are the modes of communication?

Transferring of information happens in two basic modes i.e.

1. Verbal

2. Non – Verbal

  1. Verbal communication: This includes the usage of words/phrases/sentences from any language to pass information from one person to the other. It can be in a written or spoken form.
  • Non – verbal communication: This includes facial expressions, gestures, postures, sound modulations, etc. and it is said that the human communication is only 7% verbal and the rest 93% it is nonverbal.

If you can’t believe it, then you’ll have to read this story!

Once Albert Einstein asked his students, to go get a glass full of drain water and place it right in their front.  Then he asked his students to insert their fore-fingers into the dirty drain water in their glasses and he continued with his lecture.

Towards the end of the class, Einstein asked his students to keep their fore-fingers in their mouth. Without any hesitation, all his students followed what their professor ordered.

Einstein then asked them to look at him and all the students were stunned to their master’s act as he placed ‘his left forefinger in the glass and his right forefinger in his mouth’.

This is a classic example for us to understand the importance of Non-verbal communication.  

It is said that in non-verbal communication, most of our information transfer through our body-language (55%) and rest with our tone (38%).

To know more about this topic keep watching this space, for a series of articles coming in next few days….

By Sandeep Kaza