Importance Of Campus Placements

Final year of graduation is a very important period for any student. Because, here they have to make many crucial decisions about their professional life which they have no idea about. Every student aspires to get a great career platform and career opportunity to start with but all of them could not be able to make it as there are less jobs with huge competition and meet the skill set that the companies have set for themselves.

In the outside world, the job market is full of challenges. It requires lots of skills and and expertise to compete in the corporate world. Due to this reason, campus placements are the most important event in every student life that will help them explore their initial job trails.

A college is responsible for its students to prepare, guide and provide them with the proper placements cell. Such that students will learn the needed skills and exhibit them properly in the placement drive conducted in their college.  

For the smooth and efficient flow of entire process, reputed institutions establish a dedicated placement and training cell that facilitates and counsels all the training & recruitment activities to provide the jobs to students and skilled manpower for the companies.

Why Campus Placement Cell Is A Must For A College?

Students will get exposure to various opportunities in the corporate world ranging from big MNCs to the core manufacturing companies and the industrial establishments. However, there is an increasing competition to cross-over talent with a good profile.

Placement cell bridges the gap between recruiters and the students. It makes the entire process simpler and easier for them. The placement cell allows students to test and learn their knowledge and abilities in right manner while still being at the college.

Students too will identify these skills, knowledge, and attitude of a candidate coming from different walks of life.

A placement cell in Engineering Colleges recognizes the areas and methods of training required by the industry and formulates a sequence of different training activities to meet the requirements for campus placements.

Benefits Of Appearing In Campus Placements

Improved Skills and Knowledge

Placements in colleges serves as an outstanding platform for the students. However, it provides particular skills related to their subject of choice and domain to stay ahead in the competition.

Awareness and Experience

College placements are considered as an excellent opportunity for the students to experience the recruitment process. They get aware about the industry demands and real-life work challenges. In addition, they can learn how to prepare for an interview right from writing resumes to present CVs, they can learn how to interact with people formally rather than being casual in group discussions.

Other soft skills and corporate etiquettes attending interviews.

This experience will enable them to build a strong professional personality in the later period that will help them facing other competitive jobs.

-Manogna Reddy