Importance Of Aptitude Skills For An Interview

Aptitude test is an analytical form of test to check the candidate’s ability to solve certain simple mathematical, mental and reasoning problems. It is also useful for a company to test the candidates real IQ and potential to that of his educational qualification mentioned in his resume.

There are many types of aptitude tests and formats to evaluate the candidate’s overall abilities.

Practicing these tests will not only help the candidate break a recruitment process but also develop candidates overall thinking capability, observation power, imagination, creativity, memory, calculating power, decision making skill, leadership qualities, and other important abilities.

These tests help the candidate think mature and act accordingly at various difficult situations in the office, workflow and maintain a good interpersonal relationship.

These tests are conducted in almost all the government job examinations such as civil, state recruitment board, banks, police, railways, NEET and other state and central recruitment boards.

Now, most of the private MNC’s too are conducting the above tests to select the right candidates irrespective of the job he/she is applying for.

The significance of an aptitude examination is such, that if you are good at solving these types of questions, you can almost pull off any kind of interview despite you having a low academic score.

Sometimes, just a sheer communication skill will not help you get through at interviews. The company looks for more abled people and capabilities when they have less no. of posts.

The general aptitude tests include Numerical reasoning, Verbal ability, and logical reasoning

Numerical Reasoning (Quantitative skills):

These include questions to check how faster and accurate a person can handle a tricky mismatched statistical/mathematical data using his formulas and shortcuts.

Verbal Ability:

These are designed to identify whether the candidate is aware of the basic written form and grammatical rules of presenting a piece of information.

Logical Reasoning:

Here, the ability of a candidate’s understanding/analysis power is checked from the given information.

Therefore, one has to have enough practice with the above aptitude tests to face any type of recruiter or problem that he or the company is facing.

  • Achyuth Raju