How To Use Social Media For Job Search?

Many people think that social media is for wasting time in the name of socializing and discussing sports, movies, and politics. But there are a lot more you can do to enhance your career using social media, you can brand yourself and build your business using the below social tools.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest & more

Pinterest is not just to give ideas for infographics, images, videos, and other files but it can also be used for various other purposes. It can be used to explore jobs, career, trends in careers and resume management.

As per one survey, more than 50% of the current generation have used social media to find jobs.

Scroll down to know, how to benefit using social media for your career and job search.

Tell them that you are looking out for job.

As social media all about have connections with family and friends from college/universities and all will be working for various companies under various designations. They can help you solve your problem.

This is a form of free advertisement for your friends.

Use Facebook, twitter, Google+ to the fullest

Most people think that if we add everyone to our facebook friends list, we’ll lose our privacy with our postings, but actually, it is not. As there are settings where you can create separate lists for family, friends, colleagues apart from a common one.  So, you can restrict your job requirement/postings only to a certain list.

Participate in Industry related conversation on social media.

Participate in industry-related conversation, and show them how deep you are into it, and how much knowledge you possess in it and how you can be helpful to them and other important information.

This way you can build your network, you can influence certain high-level officers, you can find many referrals, you might get placed in a high-level job directly by the industry experts.

Your Job search should be very professional

In the sense, your information should be available to them for long, even if they miss your profile.  So, always have one good and complete profile available to the public on LinkedIn with your photo, phone number, resume, your branch, current industry, skills, and all the other details.

Mention your social profile on your resume.

Because, even if they didn’t like your presentation, they might like your social profile as that acts as social proof for them to evaluate you.  This way you promote your skills to the potential employers.

Never miss out any trending’s hashtags related to Jobs.

  • #Jobs
  • #Job openings
  • #Now hiring
  • #CV
  • #resume

The above hashtags can give you all the information related to your job search, or at least will help you with various tips & techniques in searching for certain jobs. Don’t forget that employers too use the above social media tools to search the right candidates.

Use Pinterest

All you got to do on Pinterest is Just sign-up an account, create a board for yourself in area of your interest. Now click on some image that you like and pin it to your board. You can have any number of boards based on your interest.

For Design, fashion and entertainment Pinterest is the best social media for job seekers.

Promote Yourself

If you don’t find any appropriate job at least promote yourself with your resume, show up all your skills, experiences, area of expertise and other information. Now market it the above profiles, this could surprise you and work like a magic in the later period.

Be frequent

You should be more frequent, and keep updating your profile, visit all the above sites more often to get the updates and to know who messages what and what is what regarding the industry you are aiming to get into and keep building the relationships.

Create a Positive Impact

By tweeting or replying/writing testimonials you can create a positive impact that you are an active job seeker with certain skills. Following relevant industries and people will tell them how much you are interested in a particular domain. Let your profile status be as a “job seeker in a particular domain”.   

Therefore, pay attention to the above process on the internet. It will also help you know what recruiters are looking out for in their employees. And about their latest updates and be available for job posters and get your desired job.

-E.Hemachandra Prasad