How to Reject A Bad/Extra Job Offer?

It is important to reject a bad job offer, because all of our resumes are online today and many hr recruiters might have seen them, and they might have got impressed with your skills and you as per your resume. But you didn’t like the job offer and you want to turn down such offers… Lets check-out how to do it.

  • Just turn them down saying your actual problem, as it is not going to affect them anyway. It is as simple as they turn down the job offer to students whom they don’t like.
  • But tell the employer as soon as you have made your mind to turn down the job offer because this will make them choose somebody who is looking for it.
  • You don’t have to go in person and explain all your problems, just write them an explanatory email or phone them which is fine.
  • But please don’t give any vague reasons and silly reasons which will make them take serious decisions such as blacklisting you from their company for all their future recruitments.
  • Thank them for considering you for the positions politely and tell your concerns in brief and good in your explanation such that they get it right.
  • Stay in touch with them, this will give you the much-needed confidence to get back to them when you have to, so never be vague with your answers.
  • You can also refuse the referral offers in the above ways, give the right reasons.
  • Say it with simple thanks but don’t start with “No, thanks”.
  • You can do all the above in the below cases…
  • if the terms of the offer are unsatisfactory
  • when the work is too difficult to accomplish
  • when are worried to get along with your manager
  • if the corporate culture of the office is not right
  • when the traveling is too difficult
  • when you have another good offer in hand
  • when you are looking for a work-life balance
  • when there is too much to turn over
  • when your values don’t match with that of the companies mission
  • when the company rejects you advise/the appraisal/hike isn’t enough and when there is not enough scope to grow.
  • Before doing all the above please read the contract and companies police thoroughly.
  • Please don’t procrastinate which will make them vulnerable as they might have hopes about you.

Just be soft-spoken and always appreciate for considering you for the position with a simple thank you and follow up with everyone in the company, be in touch with them on Linked In, Facebook, and other important social sites.

  • E Hemachandra Prasad