How To Refine The Art Of Being A Good Listener?

These days everybody wants to be a good orator, or speak out any thing in good English. Ever thought why you’re so good at your native language and not that great at English, though both are just languages?

It’s because you have been listening to more of your native language ever since your childhood, and there by you had become comfortable in it. The key to speaking well is to listen well in the first place. While speaking requires lots of confidence, listening requires lots of patience.

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Every person has his own set of words which he uses while communicating, being a good listener helps you grab those words of your choice from that set and enrich your vocabulary, in turn, your communication.

The more you listen the more you learn. Make listening to a habit, that improves your concentration and makes you more focused, it’ll also help you stay live in a conversation and indeed makes you an active participant.

Moving ahead from being an employee to being an entrepreneur every stage demands you be a good listener. Many competitive examinations test your listening skills. Also, before joining any MNC, you are asked to clear an English aptitude module, that comprises listening as an important factor.

Here are the few tips to improve your listening skills, start watching an English TV series you like, make a habit of listening to some English movies with English subtitles of it and then without them.

One more interesting thing is audio books. Amazon provides some interesting audio books, novels, and other short monologues, these books are just like novels where you’ve got to listen to the story instead of reading it, they really help you improve your communication skills gradually.

We also have got some interesting apps in the google play store designed specially to improve your reading skills. Of all these the best suggestion would be the audiobooks.

Try them, they are pretty interesting!

-A. Juhi