How To Manage Time Effectively?

Today we are in a busy and competitive world, we have too many things to distract us, divert us and finally spoil us and at the same way we have too many things to learn, practice and rehearse. In order to do it effectively, one has to know how to use one’s time effectively.

Very few people keep everything up to date and are very well versed in whatever they do, whereas the others fail to do the same this isn’t because the successful people have 48 hours in their day but they used their time effectively!

Time management is all about proper planning and being conscious of what is important and what is immediate. Proper management of time increases your productivity and efficiency.

How To Spend Time Wisely

Do The Most Important Things First

Don’t waste time on unnecessary things, make a to-do list of your priorities and try completing them first. This will minimize your time spent on unwanted things.

Make the ABCD Analysis of your priorities

A – Tasks that are urgent and immediate

B – Tasks that are important but not urgent

C – Tasks that are unimportant but urgent

D – Tasks that are unimportant and not urgent

So, you have to decide which to prioritize the one that is urgent or that one that is important, if the urgent one is not important that you have to do the one that is important but not urgent. Note down all important things.

Plan It Properly

Plan ahead and be practical. Time management is all about planning/scheduling & resource management for your plans. Put a time limit on all your tasks. Spend first 30 mins of your day planning your day and spend last 15 mins reviewing your accomplished tasks of the day.

Organize Things

Choose a proper place to limit yourself from all sorts of distractions that are wasting your valuable time. Procrastination is one big psychological issue that the whole world is facing today. So, try to avoid postponing things, and people responsible for it.

Set Goals

Set immediate and achievable tasks/goals that will keep your mind engaged and stops it from unnecessary thoughts and distractions and reward yourself for your dedication.

Smart Work vs Hard Work

It is said that 80% of the tasks take 20% of its allocation time where are 20% of tasks takes 80% of all the time to complete the given task.  So, link all similar tasks together to save time.

Break It UP!

Break up the tougher things that must be done for sure but not interested. Plan to do it in a group, with friends, family members or in intervals.  Complete your most important things early in the morning.

Learn To Say “NO”

Say ‘NO’ for wasting time, say no to postponing of work, Say no to all unimportant activities by family & friends. Don’t feel shy to say no, only then you can use your time effectively.

Minimize Interruptions As Much As Possible

Stop mobile notifications, minimize your mobile phone usage. Block social media profiles. Avoid all the interruptions as much as possible. Schedule all your email replies and don’t get sidetracked.

Make A List Of Plans

Intraday day plan, Daily plan, weekly plan, monthly plan, quarterly plan, half-yearly and annual plans and be focused on that. Add a done list to all your to-do lists.

Use Time Management Systems

Set a time for all your tasks, use gadgets such as Alarm, timers, prompts & alerts, Stopwatch, calendar, online organizer, time tracking software, trace out where time is getting wasted and try to control it. File everything that you complete, it will same half your future time wastage.

Take Breaks

Set reminders, be proactive and take breaks often. If you work for 25 mins take a break of 5 mins also your mind will get fatigued. Plan your weekend in advance, neither miss use your time nor overuse your time.

Divide your time into 8 + 8+ 8 = work + rest + what you want to = 24 Hrs. Now decide how to utilize it.

Take Help

Join a similar group, see that both are mutually beneficial, think win-win with people around you, recruit a helper/outsource work that is time taking, delegate the responsibilities and trying to utilize your waiting time.

Don’t Multitask

Multi-tasking is good but not all the time for everything, one thing at a time is the right way to complete your task perfectly. Juggling between tasks actually kills the quality of work and you are prone to make more mistake that actually takes more time to complete without errors.  

Time management is really about your self-management & self-discipline, So don’t wait for someone to motivate or inspire you, reward your self for each of your achievements and make it a habit.

Don’t Try To Be Mr. Perfect At Everything

As the saying goes’ a jack of all trades but master of one’, but not at everything. Striving for perfection at everything, if you hung up at small details at unimportant things, it will eat away all your time unnecessarily.

 Eat Well and Sleep well

As the saying goes ‘healthy body leads to a healthy mind’. Always eat well, sleep well (7-8 hrs a day) and work well.

Relax and Meditate

Spend at least half an hour in peace every day, think how to control yourself from your distractions and try to focus your mind at one thing.

Forgive People

Forgive people for their mistakes and learn to sacrifice. Don’t get into arguments and debates and waste your time with unnecessary things. Also, don’t step into unnecessary issues and commitments.

Don’t Chase Every Idea

Don’t lengthen your list of tasks with alternative ideas and directions to investigate and get sidetracked. Also, don’t leave your work in the middle.

Don’t Regret

Don’t regret your failures, instead learn from them, take advice and just move on…

After reading all the above realize that time management is a big myth because we cannot wake up early in the morning counting hrs, mins and seconds every day. So, all you can do is to be practical and be organized and stop postponing your important tasks. Find out where you are wasting your time and try to take care of those areas.

E. Hemachandra Prasad