How To Maintain A Balance Between Personal Life And Professional Life?

Work Life balance is one of the most important managing parts for any person of any profession.

Everybody works hard to make their ends meet but if he fails to stay fit, eat good and spend time with their beloved’s life becomes monotonous and stressed in the later period.

Not many will be good at this work-life balance, as most of us will be busy meeting our targets and projects and we miss maintaining this work-life balance.

  1. Always have your personal time at least an hour every day, to deal about your personal planning’s, entertainment, spending time with family to refresh and recharge yourself.
  2. Always prioritize your to-do lists. Because all of having only 24 hrs in a day of which half a day goes out of our control for getting ready, sleep and travel, rest half in the office. So, prioritize your personal life and professional life and give importance to them first.
  3. Plan your work such a way that you are not overdoing your job or underdoing your job, just fix some time and work on that domain and time say this clearly to your boss. Tell him about your personal life, health, mental condition and other things to stay fit.
  4. Organize things, keep things such a way where you’ll not miss anything fill your bike with petrol on every Sunday evening, cut the nails on so and so date, go shopping on this date.
  5. Control your eating time, quantity and type of food, have a check on your food intake, what you are taking, how and when and what quantities.
  6. Take at least 15 minutes of your office time or personal time to work out and stay fit.
  7. Every 3 months, go for a vacation at least to the place nearby you. This gives you much-needed exploration to the outer world, relaxation, rejuvenate. Now stay away with the office friends.
  8. Learn to say no. Saying no is a very important thing for a few people and few things, if you go for shyness you’ll end up with worry. So, say no to anything you don’t like to or want to.
  9. Go for Detoxification, you might get addicted to your laptop, phone, YouTube or any other stuff, just stay away from it for at least one week or one day, that will make your mind to think several ways and make you realize what you’ve been missing.
  10. Make sure you sleep 7-8 hrs of disturbance-free sleep every day, plan a healthy lifestyle, if you don’t sleep well, you’ll end up falling into depression.
  11. Mediate at least once in a week (though 15-30 minutes of daily meditation is suggestable), at least do it once in a week.
  12. Do not compare your lifestyle with that of your relatives or colleagues. Because of your lifestyle, hobbies, interests are different from those of others. So, obviously, there will be differences. So, don’t get into that part.
  13. Always be practical and set realistic goals, don’t set unreachable goals and feel bad after losing it.
  14. Make a monthly table of important, not important, urgent, very urgent time table and if possible, maintain a to-do list and a daily diary.
  15. Try to separate your work and Home, don’t carry work to home or home to work.
  16. Avoid procrastination, it is one of the most important devils that eat all your time for un-wanted things and welcoming several new headaches.
  17. Have separate personal and professional social profiles on social media, even on WhatsApp, this will save half your wasting time.
  18. Last but not the least, chose such work that you love doing, and don’t choose something you are bad at or for the sake of money, this is the reason for all the above problems and for not being able to maintain a proper work-life balance.

Hope, the above tips help you plan and balance both your professional life and personal life well. All the best.

-E.Hemachandra Prasad