How to listen to your soul and find peace

How to listen to your soul and find peace

We live in a very loud world. Billboards scream at us as we drive down the freeways. Radio, social media, television, and movies all demand our attention and loyalty.  Add in peer pressure, family pressure, and employer pressure and suddenly, your soul is in the midst of a storm.

5 Tips To Help You Listen To Your Soul

1. Wilderness Experience

There is something healing that happens to the soul when you get out of the public and into nature. This could be the woods, a beach, or a mountain. Look at majestic scenes. Allow yourself to dream and imagine a life of peace. If you really want to listen to your soul and hear it sing, give this experience enough time to work its power. Walk through the woods and spend the night among the critters and creation. Breathe in the fresh air. Let your mind simply rest.

Watch the squirrels play. Observe animals in their natural habitat. See life lived simply for the moment. Literally stop and smell flowers. Go out on a quest for greater and more spectacular views.

2. Put down the electronics.

We are a culture that has become addicted to technology. There is a deep desire to be in constant contact with people that we love, even those that we don’t really care about.

When was the last time that missing a Facebook post ruined your life? If the news story is worthwhile, they will play it multiple times later. Usually the later editions will have more accurate information. Who cares if you missed the first 12 hours of speculation and rumor? When someone calls, if it is important, they will leave a message. Somehow, that beeping or vibrating leash in your pocket has become the master – and we have become its slave. Today is your day of freedom. With all of those calls and messages coming at you at the speed of sound and light, how are you supposed to hear your soul’s whisper? Leave the manacle on your desk and walk away. 

3. Faith.

When words like “soul” come up, thoughts most often turn toward religion and churches. Buildings and systems in themselves can do nothing to help you listen to your soul and its whispers. However, they can provide an atmosphere that will enable you to come in contact with your faith. 

Believe deeply and allow the teaching to immerse you into thoughts that are contrary to your own nature. Our own nature often leads us in ways that are not in our best interest. In faith, we can grow and become more. Read the sacred literature, read about saints and mystics. Hear from the ancients on how to live. Dig deep and invest in your future. Your soul is trying to speak to you even right now. Will you listen to that call?

 4. Enjoy the storm.

When I was in Junior High School, my town was rocked by a tornado. I remember the aftermath of the storm, seeing the neighbor’s fence stuck in the side of my house. Across the street, the attic of the old farmer’s house was now in his front yard. All up and down the street there was damage. Strangely though, what I remember most was the moments immediately after the storm. It had been loud, scary, and uncertain. When the sirens stopped, we went outside to see a clear sky with more brilliance than I had ever witnessed at that moment.

My entire neighborhood survived the storm. However, we were not all the same people. The storm changed us. Suddenly, it was more important to visit the guy living next door than to watch television news. Old feuds disappeared. We actually learned the names of neighbors that we had previously only seen in passing. The storm helped us to focus on what was really important. Memories will last longer than stuff. Friends will attend your funeral, not your new car, or even your home. The storm caused us to get to know each other. The people of that season and place, connected at a soul level that is almost indescribable.

 5. Become the Storm

Fear often keeps us from rocking the boat. Consider that when the boat gets rocked, there is an adventure waiting to happen. Stories will be told. When my kids were small, we went on a float trip on an early spring morning. We had taken countless trips, but this one was memorable. Everyone got settled into the canoe. Three kids, two adults, ready to experience nature and adventure.

Less than 10 minutes into the trip, the canoe got turned sideways and dumped us all out into the cold river. After I came out of the water, I looked desperately for my children. My wife was holding onto the youngest. The other two were swimming toward the shore. I went to them and ensured they were all alright.


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