How To Influence People?

True assertiveness is all about how to be more confident in expressing your thoughts, opinions and making a viewpoint. It will also teach you to face a bully and accept the differences. Let’s see how it is done…!

Your body language is the most powerful tool to be assertive. Use it effectively else your dynamism goes waste. You will find people, who want to corner you, but if they like it, they are going to fell in love with you.

Rule #1 EYES

Your eyes are the most powerful and expressive part of your body. So, you must use them as much as possible.

They have the ability to convey your emotions such as interest, concern, warmth, and honesty. Imagine talking to someone with sunglasses and then without check the difference. It’s harder to read their feelings when you can’t see their eyes right?

Rule #2 HANDS

Let your hands do what comes naturally. The trick is to keep you relaxed. This natural action is for your hands to move as you talk.

This is why most confident people look relaxed- moving their hands while they talk.

Rule #3 SMILE

By smiling you exude warmth and positivity. Be conscious of this when you meet people for the first time. It’s worth to smile a little. You will find people connect to you more quickly with a smile. They are more likely to talk to you and listen to what you have to say.


Using your face to the maximum possible. Your face tells what you are; means it makes you look confident and frightened, dull or innocent, aggressive as well. So, use your face to give non-verbal cues with your facial expressions. It will also send certain non-verbal messages.

Rule #5 VOICE

Try to make an effort to modulate your tone.  Modulating your tone keeps your voice engaging. It will help you sound more enthusiastic.

Voice enthusiasm is contagious. If you sound enthusiastic, there’s much more chance that others want to listen to you more.

Rule #6 SILENCE 

It might sound odd but, sometimes silences in your speech can actually help you to overcome several problems and make you more assertive.

If people are expecting you to say something and yet they didn’t get what they are expecting…there are chances that they understand you in various ways, as the saying goes, silence speaks volumes.

So, being assertive means practicing whenever you get the chance. Don’t wait for opportunities, you go grab it. You can’t achieve anything by sitting back and hoping for best, only hard work and attitude pays.

– Jaswanth Vellanki