How to improve your writing style

How to improve your writing style


  • Read a lot

If you want to develop an attractive writing style, you should read a lot. It doesn’t matter if you read novels, blogs, magazines, the newspaper, etc. Reading regularly is an essential step towards improving your own writing. Firstly, it will teach you how other people form their sentences and build their paragraphs. Also, if you read often, you’ll learn how to use jokes and how to play with language through real-life examples. Finally, lots of reading gets you to develop a gut feeling about what makes a nicely readable text. You’ll be inspired to write your own awesome articles in no time!


  • Decide upon formal or informal

Most web texts are not very formal. Blogging especially allows for an informal style. However, not all blogs are alike and not all bloggers are alike. So, keep in mind your brand and your audience and decide upon a formal or informal style to address your readers. Use a style that fits both you and your blog and try to be consistent, otherwise, your readers will probably get confused.


  • Go for variation

For a text to be attractive to a reader, it should be varied. This means that you should try to avoid repetition! Try to alternate long sentences with shorter ones. Avoid long sentences altogether. Reading from a screen tends to be hard on people. Long, complicated sentences make reading even harder.

Look at the way your sentences are composed. Try to alternate the sequence of words. Most languages allow for all kinds of variations in word order. Try to use synonyms if you tend to use a word very often. Some people use the word ‘and’ or ‘too’ very often. Using similar words such as ‘also’, ‘moreover’ or ‘as well’ could already make the text much more attractive.


  • Don’t use abstract concepts

If you are writing an article, you should try to use clear terms. Try to use words that have meaning to people, words people can visualize. Writing about ‘staff’ and ’employees’ remains abstract whereas writing about ‘the secretary’ and ‘the handyman’ has more meaning. ‘Search Engine Optimization’ is a very abstract concept, while ‘ranking high in Google’ immediately makes clear what you mean. Of course, you usually need to use some abstract terms and words in your blog. That’s fine, if you make sure to explain these terms using concrete terms as well. Adding examples could also do the trick.


  • Look into ways to spice up your text

There are several styles and techniques to make your writing more appealing. Even if you’re not an experienced writer, you can use those to spice up your text a little. The more you practice at using these techniques, the easier it will get. Here are a few to get you started:


  • Use metaphors

If we say someone is cold as ice, we all know that doesn’t literally mean the person is made of ice. Using metaphors or expressions can illustrate your point and make your text more fun to read. People instantly understand what you mean, if you use well-known metaphors and expressions. 


  • Use storytelling

Everyone loves a good story, and most people are probably also able to tell a good story -especially from personal experience. So, why not try to use the power of stories in your copy? Including a (relevant) story can help catch your reader’s interest and provide more clarity.


  • Try the inverted pyramid

A well-known writing style in journalism, using the inverted pyramid basically means you put your most important information upfront. You get your main message across right away and elaborate in the following paragraphs. This writing style especially comes in handy now that web content is increasingly used to answer every type of question a searcher might have.


  • Ask a fresh pair of eyes for input

Whether you ask someone to read your text and give feedback or use a tool to check your text: a fresh pair of eyes always gives you a new perspective. You can ask your neighbor, friend or colleague to read your text before you post it online. If someone gives you (constructive) feedback, it’ll help you make your text better, as well as improve your writing skills. If it’s not an option to let someone read your text, there are also (online) tools that can analyze your text.


Note: We are inspired to use this content from various sources of Internet. This is for student’s learning and motivation purpose. We do not claim this to be our own.