How To Have A Real Personal Impact in Interviews

How To Have A Real Personal Impact in Interviews


  1. Posture– Walk into the room with your shoulders back and chin up. Stand tall. Walk calmly and slowly. Be proud.
  2. Facial expressions– Consciously smile. This will create a warmth about you and people will want to talk to you. Positivity is contagious.
  3. Take the initiative– Stamp your mark. Try to introduce yourself to people before they make the first move.
  4. Voice– Do not speak too quietly. Use intonation in your tone. Communicate dynamism by speaking with energy.
  5. Remember names– Use their name during the conversation to show you are listening, interested and aware.
  6. Eye Contact– Maintain eye contact while the person is talking to you. This communicates interest & confidence.
  7. Get involved– Force yourself to mix with people although it may be against your nature. Psyche up beforehand if necessary.
  8. Hands – Don’t be afraid to use your hands to reinforce your points. Hand movements inject energy into your manner.