How To Give A Firm HandShake

Back in history, humans used to live in caves and they used to greet each other through an open stretched arms and palms to communicate each other meaning that they are harmless and others can feel free to interact with them.

Coming to this generation, our actions and body language is gaining more importance in making communication than our words. We are using lots of hand gestures, signs, smile and various body movements to convey certain information.

Among these non-verbal communication falls the handshake. We generally say hi, hello or bye with a firm handshake to our colleagues and other near and dear ones and it is a common practice in our daily lives.

Today, these handshakes have become very important in the corporate culture as well, because a firm handshake can turn a negative person positive a build a good rapport between two employees. Similarly, based on one’s profession and type of employment there are different types of handshakes followed. Such as a handshake between two business people is different from that of an army officer and is also different from that of two international diplomats.

So, today let’s discuss how to give a firm hand shake in official matters.

How to Shake a hand

Aim and Lock:

When you offer a firm handshake, a good grip of your palm shows the confidence in you and in your abilities. A dull handshake conveys that you’re weak in your abilities, similarly, a hard handshake can convey that you are dominating type, so act soft & gentle while you shake another person’s hand.

Have a gentle hand movement:

While you offer a handshake, move your hand vertically up and down for once but not overdo, like political diplomats.

Similarly, be careful, else you may end up twisting the fingers of the opponent out of your excitement.

While you shake your hand always look into the opposite person’s eyes.

Release, while releasing the handshake, have a decent smile as that gives a positive vibe between the two of you.

Don’t have all your conversation by holding the opposite person’s hand, a firm handshake is just for 4-5 secs rest you’ll stand and talk or walk and talk.

When not to Shake a hand

It is not a good sign to initiate a handshake with bigger officials than you.

When someone criticizes you.

If other person’s hands are occupied with some items.

So, be gentle and act smart in the official matters with a dignified body language and…

Don’t forget that the secret of getting job is literally in your hands!

– Achyuth Raju