How To Over Come Your “Stage Fear”?

There might be numerous reasons that lead a person to be scared of performing/expressing his or her skills to the crowd. Few of the reasons include, the candidate being Introvert by nature, past experience of him/her is not very overwhelming and their fear of failure, lack of confidence, lack of proper preparation, not good at English and many others. If we dig deep into it, we’ll understand the actual reason for our stage fear.

The first step to getting over the above hurdles of yours is to identify the root for your fear and then prepare yourself to the fact it.  

When you generally get scared, the first person you get scared of is not the people around you, but it is ‘you’. Because you lack trust in yourself. This one fear of you keeps adding other fears one after the other into a bundle of fears until it makes you an introvert, less confident and all sorts of negative things around you and about you.

If you had a bad experience while speaking to the crowd in the language that is new to you, you develop a fear of failure, this fear hinders the content you have and which makes you lose your confidence.  

So, until you eliminate this “root cause for fear”, you cannot stop other negative things to develop in you.

Now, the last thing you want is to speak confidently in English with ease and it requires a proper language to communicate. Lack of proper exposure to the language (English) is one of the biggest enemies that is scaring people these days. If your fear is ‘what if the person sitting in crowd finds my mistake/speaks better (English) than me’, your immediate thinking should be ‘what if he/she knows/points my mistake??’ as you didn’t commit any crime to anyone by speaking it wrong! You’re are still learning it and doing your part to do it correct. So, you have to convince yourself to overcome your fear and improve your confidence.                                                                       

Remember that, language is a medium of communication, it is something that helps you express your thoughts and help you learn new skills. So, a good practice of English language with friends and colleagues for a while will definitely give you good command over it and with time it will only get better.

So, you shouldn’t give up your practice of learning the language (English) until you get it right, and never misinterpret your fear with nervousness, getting little nervous is common for anyone and it is nothing abnormal only to you. What will really be abnormal is, your unnecessary accumulation of fear. So, please relax, keep practicing English, prepare well, practice well, deliver what you’ve prepared and come back strong, that’s the only mantra for any to be successful!

By A. Juhi