How to get over “Stage fear” or “The fear of speaking and expressing your skills”

There might be numerous reasons which lead a person to be scared of performing or expressing his or her skills. Few of the reasons can be being Introvert by nature, a past experience not very overwhelming, fear of failure, lack of confidence, lack of content, not great at the language chosen while speaking. If we dig deep into ourselves, we definitely know which one of the above do we fall into. The first step of getting over any of your fears is to identify the roots of your fear and then face it with preparation.

When you get scared, the first person you get scared of is not the people around you, it is ‘you’, as you lack trust in yourself. Let’s now see how you create one fear and then it ads up to another and the end is a huge pile of fears. If you had a bad experience in the past while speaking and you failed, you develop the fear of failure, this fear hinders the content you have, lack of content leads to lack of confidence, as you don’t know what to speak. If you can eliminate the “root fear”, you don’t develop the others. Now, the last thing you do is speaking, which requires a language to communicate. This is one of the biggest things scaring people these days. Your scare is ‘what if the person sitting in the crowd speaks better English than me’, ‘what if he points out my mistake’.

Remember language is a medium of communication, it is something which helps you express your skills, keep your skills up. A hard core practice for a month on English can give you fairly enough of it to express your skills, and obviously with time things keep getting only better, provided you don’t give up at the first phase. And never misinterpret fear with nervousness, getting a little nervous is natural and its nothing obnoxious, what’s obnoxious is overaccumulated ‘fear’.  Prepare, practice, deliver and come back strong ,that’s the mantra!