How To Crack Campus Recruitments?

Campus recruitments are one of the first recruitment processes that a student goes through in his/her career. Few of them take it seriously and many take it lite as they are busy enjoying their student life and a few overconfident’s think campus placements are a cakewalk to them, but the reality is different. Today let’s see how to prepare for campus placements….!

Prepare For Aptitude Tests

Aptitude tests are conducted to eliminate all number of candidates to make the recruitment process easier. If you have not worked on your aptitude skills, you might find yourself out of the race even before you start.

Problem-Solving Skills

Problem-solving skills are among the top employment skills. Companies prefer hiring fresher’s who are problem solvers rather than those who wait for others to come to solve the minute problems or come up with solutions for work-related challenges. This particular soft skill can give you a much-needed edge in the competition. For it means that you are capable of identifying & defining a problem, coming up with alternative solutions, evaluating & choosing the best alternative, and implementing the chosen alternative effectively.

You can develop problem-solving skills while you are still in college. All you need is to be open-minded, inquisitive, and the ability to analyze a problem in parts and not as a whole. You can also take online aptitude tests that are specifically designed to measure problem-solving skills of the test taker.

Practice Your Communication Skills

You don’t need to speak perfect Grammatical English. Recruiters are looking for people who can express their idea clearly, what they think, not English majors.

Be A Team Player

Let’s take for an example from college life. Most engineering colleges give group projects to students and ensure completing them successfully, which needs effective teamwork and unity among the team members. Lack of it won’t allow the team to complete the project successfully and achieve desired results. The same can be linked to an organizational setting where people working in a particular department or on a project have to work in harmony towards one common goal.

Companies don’t wish to hire people who will later face difficulty in working with teams. Develop teamwork skills and become a great team player while you are still in the college by giving each college project and activity utmost importance.

Be Prepared With GD Topics

Knowing the current GD topics is half the work done. Ensure you update yourself on current affairs. It would go a long way to ensure your confidence in group discussions.

Develop A Proper Resume

Your resume is your gateway to the panel. Prepare it yourself. Do not copy your friends resume and edit the details. He might have missed on a lot of points which you can highlight in yours.

Do bring 2-3 copies of your resume. You do not want to sit there and find out why you have only one copy of your resume to the HR lady and do not have something to show to your interviewer.

Dress Formally 

Corporates hate wasting their time telling all these. If you are not interested do not attend them. Also, ensure you have all the necessary documents as proof.

Read the ” About Us” page of the company website and listen carefully during the company presentations generally held before the Interview process. When you are given the opportunity to ask questions do not hesitate and show how much you are already familiar with the company and your job profile. Good questions to ask will be about a typical day at the job, about the interviewer’s job profile, what qualities they look for in a prospective employee or something unique you noticed during the presentation.

Ask For Contact Details

if you are confident you have done well. Send a thank you mail to the interview panel to ensure that you are in touch with the concerned authorities about your selection process.

Be Honest

Although we have covered honesty as one of the qualities that come under leadership skills, it is still important to address it separately. Personal credibility and integrity are highly valued qualities in a workplace. Companies look for candidates who are honest and have strong principles during campus placements. They seek candidates who they can trust completely knowing they will never compromise the company’s standards.

The best way to demonstrate this quality is by giving honest answers to interview questions asked during campus placements and giving correct information while filling in your job applications.

  • Jaswanth Vellanki