How To Control Your Emotions?

It is said that emotions are the conscious experiences (mind activity) of living beings, when they encounter more happiness or anger, there’ll be some sort of outcome from us. It is expressed in different ways by different people based on the situation we are in.

For example: When you get scared for some reason/ when you are in an interview, you tend to have more sweat, rapid heartbeat, and tension in the face.

So, emotions are interlinked with one’s temperament, mood, personality, character, and motivation.

Emotions also involve different cognitive processes and expressive behavior that can lead a person to either a good or bad situation based on his mental, biological, and physiological state.

All the above-unwanted emotions can be erased or brought under control with a little bit of care. Let’s see how to do it…!

10 Ways To Control Your Emotions!

1. Don’t React Immediately

It can lead to either an argument or fight, to which you’ll have to feel sorry in the later period. So, just listen to them carefully, take time to react. If he/she is wrong, think that he is a fool and can be handled later. But if it is your mistake you’ll have to correct it.

2. Ask For Some Guidance

Just close your eyes and pray to God, to give you the power to handle difficult people. Always try to solve the Issue with a positive outcome from both ends and don’t forget to seek some guidance with the elders or beloved ones.

3. Find A Healthy Channel

You can burst your stress in the form of aggressive physical exercises or swimming or running or chanting some mantra or meditate for a while to calm down your inner self.

4. Have A Broader Vision

Broaden your awareness. Always try to be a gentleman from your end and deal with any & every situation wisely. Try to be honest as much as you can and rest leave it to the almighty.

5. Renovate Your Thoughts

Always try to forget your bad experiences & thoughts and remember only the good and memorable ones. React positively to your enemy as you do it to your friend. This works like magic most of the time, also help you to come out of the bad mood.

If you faced any bad incident in life, just compensate it immediately with some good mind changing ones, such as going for a movie, meeting your good friend or going to temple or reading some good book and other alternative thoughts that can relieve your mental heat.

6. Let off Your Causes

See, most of the times we react differently to different people either accidentally or by a mistake or for various other causes & reasons. If the receiver is a beloved one the response will be different and if it is stranger the response could be worse.

So, decide how to respond with the strangers in a strange situation? Like you do it with your family/friends to the strangers!

7. Adjust To The Situations

We all know that prevention is better than cure for any kind of a problem. In that sense, avoid those situations that will repeat certain bad moments. If you indulge in the same activity by accident/ knowingly/unknowingly, just adapt and adjust.

8. Shift Your Focus

Change the topic of discussion/ point of focus/ job you are in….only temporarily to forget and release your bad temper or unfold a new task to explore that will automatically shift your focus.

9. Skip it

See, in life unavoidable/unexpected problems are just 10% what happens to us, and the remaining 90% is how we react to it. So, when you know that you are going to stuck in a pathetic situation just avoid it/stop reacting to it.

10. Take in Deep Breathe

When you accidentally stuck in a bad situation, just take a deep breath, count numbers from 1-50 and give a little time for the idiot to get it, else just chant “this person is an idiot, this person is an idiot and leave it”.

11. Just Smile

Try to see the situation from their perspective, and try to avoid a pointless debate with him. A smile can cure/avoid a million problems. So Just smile and do it often.

12. Meditate

Meditating regularly relives stress, controls your BP and gives you the power to control your mind especially over critical situations and helps you take them easy.

-E.Hemachandra Prasad