How To Communicate Effectively With Your Writing?

Out of the ‘LSWR’ skills, Listening and reading are the ones which help us improve our communication skills, and we express those skills through speaking and writing. So, basically listening and reading are for ‘practice’ and speaking and writing are the ‘portrayal’. A lot of us assume “It’s the speaking skill that helps a person stand out in the crowd”. Though good oral communication is appreciated, equal importance to writing should also be given.

Writing skills are very important these days. A lot of companies have included writing aptitude test in their recruiting pattern. So, your resume gives your first impression. For suppose you are applying for a job, where your C.V speaks first, about you people will make a mind that way. If you aspire to study further, you’ll have to write an SOP. If you are into a creative job such as content creating, story and script writing, journalism, writing articles for magazines, being an author or others, your writing skills play a major role.

As you cannot communicate through gestures, expressions, body language, voice pitch, and modulation through your writing, it becomes a little challenging for you to express the exact point you want to make. One good thing about oral communication is grammatical errors are not given much importance than communicating an idea. Whereas in writing, grammar, punctuation, and tenses play a major role and every mistake is taken seriously.

On the flip side, writing gives you your own space, no nervousness, no fear, no pressure; you can take your time and create your best work because no one’s watching it!

In 2016 a 21-year-old made a GQ style resume and got hired without an interview. He was directly hired for the London office of Gentlemen’s Quarterly by Editor-in-chief Dylan Jones who was totally in awe of his creativity.

To improve your writing skills always follow a certain pattern, such as introduction, body and the conclusion. Only then you can elaborate your views in the way you want, you’ll lose points and stay vague. You can always add a bit of creativity to enhance your writing. Practice a word pad and not in notepad or notebook, because of corrections. The best way to practice is to write your favorite movie’s story and then make somebody read it and then ask them what he/she has understood. Also, download the ‘Grammarly’ app to your system. It keeps correcting your mistakes, shows you the grammatical errors with an explanation.

– A.Juhi