How To Beat The Procrastination Monkey?

Do you want a powerful strategy that can get your procrastination monkey working with you instead of against you?

You know that procrastination monkey has taken over you when you find yourself mindlessly playing games, surfing the internet or spending hours on Instagram instead of getting your work done.

The more time you spend procrastinating…the more stressed and frustrated you feel by not getting back to work.   

So, what is the most effective strategy to stop affecting your weakness and challenge the procrastination monkey that is robbing you off? Then you got to check it below…

5 Tips To Overcome Your Procrastination Habit

  1. Always make a solid to do list
  2. Make sure to get a good night’s sleep
  3. Make a strong commitment to work on your most important task for just 15 minutes 
  4. Let your procrastination monkey know that he/she can have a full 15 minutes of fun doing its favorite activity before & after your work from the top 5 procrastination activities list.
  5. Make sure you don’t move from your study place & time and reward yourself for completing it in the shortest time possible.  

Note: – Never try any new health or wellness tip/diet and exercise strategy without proper doctor consultation.

By Shruti Chakravarthy