How To Beat The Monday Blues?

We’ll know that we’ll be very moody on Mondays. It is very tough to get back to work and stay focused, this is due to the effect of meeting different people/visiting new places/ spending quality time with people close to our hearts on weekends.

This is a universal problem which is one of the most talked in the corporate sector. Let’s see how to beat these Monday blues one by one….

10 Tips To Beat Monday Blues

Beat Monday Mood Like this

It must be very stressful for you to go to the office early on Monday morning but you have to go for your next better weekend. You may don’t want to talk to anyone and be moody till afternoon in the office, due to Sunday hangover, but this should deviate you from your work.

So, don’t talk to anyone, just complete all your important tasks of the current week and plan the rest of the week’s work schedule such that you’ll not miss anything left.

Just put on some music on your headphones and start working until all your pending tasks are accomplished and look forward to some good things in the upcoming week.

Prepare a work-plan from Monday to Friday

Segregate your work table and targets for the whole week and just stick to it. If not Mondays will become very hectic for you to complete all the pending work. Misusing one day can turn your whole week a boring one and postpone all your plans for the evening times.

Sleep well on Sundays.

To relieve all your stress, you’ll have to sleep well on weekends to start your week fresh from Monday. Have maximum fun on weekends and utilize it to the core and don’t forget that next happy Sunday is not a difficult task to achieve.

Don’t skip your breakfast

This could be another reason for you to feel stressed/moody on Mondays, so never skip your breakfast on the week beginnings. Have a healthy breakfast, have some chocolates if possible. In the afternoon don’t eat lunch at the desk but join others.

Take small breaks all through the day

Don’t stick to your desks all day. Just take small breaks in between,
if possible, walk for a few minutes …this can actually make you feel better. So, just relax and feel stress-free and focus on your work.

Organize your desk

Make sure your desk is cleaned on Monday Morning and everything is rearranged well and set rite to start the week fresh. Else the clutter in the desk can make you feel distracted or remind you of the past week.

Don’t visit social media

If you start your week with visiting social media, your whole day will go in vain…. liking, commenting and sharing and discussing that will waste half your time. With this, all your work will get piled up and the week will look very scary with loads of work.

Work Smarter

Try to complete all the important work first. prioritize rest of the work, and Start working on it soon you plan it, which is why it is better to start working early on Mondays and leave the office late, such that everything looks under your control.

Dress Comfortable

If you dress to attract or showoff, it will distract your work from grabbing the office attention. Instead, dress decently as your main focus on week beginning is to work, postpone all the fashion show to weekends. So, you can work peacefully.

It’s not only you

Know that It’s not only you who have Monday blues, but most people those go to office hates Monday Mornings. But If you love what you do, it shouldn’t be an issue, be it Sunday or Monday your work is your worship.

Mondays are like starting a new year, a new day after your birthday. So, just start it fresh with an empty mind like in the above-said points, so that you can overcome these Monday Mornings!

E.Hemachandra Prasad