How to Be Innovative

Innovation means creating something new from what you have already learnt. It is a process of identifying and developing new ideas that are better than the existing ideas. Through innovations, you can learn the applications of the theories that you learn in your classroom, and find out the real purpose of those theories. You innovate to make life better and gain knowledge that will help you understand many other related concepts.

So, innovation is a highly valued quality in a person. But how can develop the ability and keep your mind sharp as a tack? Well, if you are curious to find out, you are already ready to learn how to be innovative.

  • Be around people who make you better- People are different, and innovation requires you to be different. It might be easier to hang out with people who agree with you or do not bother if you are not actively seeking new experiments. But, in order to grow and create new things, there is nothing better than surrounding yourself in the company of those who think ahead and embrace versatility. In their company, you are always growing and always looking forward to change. One innovation needs another to work.
  • Find ways to turn your crazy ideas into reality- If you are an idea- oriented person, your mind will be swarming with various ways to tackle one situation and outpouring with questions. However, it is important that these ideas be implemented. Unless they are actually tested, they will remain in your head and you will have never really innovated. Hence, if you have an idea to create fire without a match, try it at your home. Or if you can create a better model for a consumer product, try to seize opportunities that will allow you to show your talents. This way, you can give life to your imagination.
  • Explore deeply and variedly- An interesting quality in successful innovators is that they never think they know everything, but they never shy away from learning anything. Innovation can come from anywhere and can probably solve problems in a field completely unrelated, such as home-science and space science. The world has witnessed the creative potential from combining these two skills as ISRO launched its satellite into space.
  • Solve a lot of puzzles- The most, easiest and the simplest way to keep your innovative spark alive is to indulge in solving puzzles. Innovation does not have a standard measurement. When you try to solve complex mazes the basis of your knowledge, and in the way you want to, you will probably figure out new and more efficient methods to do the job.
  • Try and fail but never fail to try- Thomas Edison failed more than a thousand times before he invented the famous light bulb. Having said that, he not only found one way to create the light bulb, but he also found a thousand ways in which you cannot build the bulb. Therefore, if you are after something, keep trying until you reach what you want, and in the process, you will recognise the right and the wrong steps that either lead you or mislead you towards your innovation.