How To Overcome Laziness?

Laziness is one root cause for your under performance in academics or in the interviews. Despite you have the potential to crack any exam/interview, still you fail to do so…due to either your sluggishness or postponing habit. Unless one knows how to overcome it, you really cannot achieve anything in life.

What is Laziness?

Laziness is declining to do any physical activity in spite of having an ability to do.  It is a kind of self-disapproval (sluggishness) or belittling oneself. Laziness is said to be a habit rather than a mental health issue.

Different Kinds of Laziness

Laziness due to Procrastination

– postponing or delaying the work

Eg: will do it later, tomorrow, by next Monday.

Laziness due to inferiority

Eg: Leaving in between, skipping for other easy work

Laziness due to negative actions

Eg: The perfectionist kind

Some shocking truths and reasons about laziness reveal the below…

Shocking Truths About Laziness

  • As per one study, an average Britain gets bored 6 hours a week.
  • Few are lazy in few situations and few are lazy all the time, few wants to be lazy.
  • People think that Laziness is a habit, not it is not, it is a disease.
  • Too much of laziness leads to anger, anxiety, abuse and depression.
  • Laziness is one of the main reasons for backwardness of countries like Indonesia and other under developed countries.

Major Reasons For Laziness?

There are several reasons for laziness such as biological, psychological and our surroundings.

Psychological Reasons For Laziness

  1. Lack of motivation
  2. Lack of self-respect
  3. Lack of recognition by parents, friends, superiors and the neighbors
  4. Lack of discipline
  5. Lack of self-confidence
  6. Due to excessive distractions
  7. Lack of non-achievable goals
  8. Lack of Concentration
  9. Thinking of too-much perfection/ worrying about a failure
  10. Lack of any ambition in life.  

What Does Biology Say About Laziness?

Release of excessive Dopamine – plays an important role in body and brain.

It is common in other animals too

Eg: Humming birds needs lots of food for their flight but still they remain doing nothing.

  • Diurnal animals have to accomplish their tasks within the limited time but most of them waste time by resting in the daytime.
  • Beetles remain lazy due to lack of competitors.
  • Pigeons and rats eat available free food, instead of sweating out for quality food.

What does Religion say about laziness?

Christianity: Due to Deadly sins or it is a deadly sin.

Islam: One should struggle against one’s self laziness and ego.

Hinduism: Laziness is one of the five Vigna’s/obstacles that human have to overcome in life else he’ll get ruined.

Buddhism: Laziness is one of the 5 hindrances/obstructions of human beings.

Judaism: Value time, if not your desires will not be valued.

Who has more Laziness?

High school students > College Students > Elderly people

How to Overcome Laziness?

  1. Receive feedback for your work/Ask for it -> this can motivate you to try work differently
  2. Have people (family and friends) those support around you…!
  3. Have daily, weekly and monthly and yearly goals to keep you focused.
  4. Have a competition with your colleagues at least play some games with them.
  5. Note down your daily to-do list, and cross-check the time usage and wastage in a dairy, if possible, every hour.
  6. Make a list of your immediate desires, goals, and motivations with realistic expectations.
  7. Plan your day well and wise
  8. If you are self-depressed with issues like death, job loss, and other issues, then it may take time for you to come back to normalcy and remember, we all have to die one day.
  9. Avoid eating sugary foods
  10. Do meditation sitting in the erected posture
  11. Drink more water
  12. Find out the real issue
  13. Jump out of bed and do anything hard
  14. Keep telling that I can do anything to your friends
  15. Offer help for the needy that will bring you some compliments
  16. Reward yourself for every accomplishment/success
  17. Read a burning issue in a newspaper or at least read quotes about laziness, that will bring fire in you.

Hope the above information help’s your come-out of your hibernating mode and be active with some work and make your life better, happier and healthier.

-E.Hemachandra Prasad