How to appreciate life and not just exist in it

How to appreciate life and not just exist in it

  • Appreciate what you have.

When you are stuck in autopilot then it is very easy to forget to be grateful for what you actually have. The basic fundamentals that so many people lack, the people who like or even love you and the amazing wonders of the world.

  • Find the optimism.

Become more aware of the negative thoughts you have and don’t let them drag you down. Instead, find one thing that is positive or helpful in the long run in the situation you are in. Then build on that. The more you do it, the more this kind of thinking will become a habit and soon your mind will start reacting in a more positive and constructively imaginative way no matter what situation you find yourself in.

  • Have a day of smiling.

Instead of just going along in your usual way take a day off from that. And smile towards everyone you meet. The lady in the checkout line at the supermarket, your co-workers and the people closest to you. How does that affect how you feel about yourself and your life? And how does it change your interactions and day?

  • Eat something else.

If you usually have the beef for lunch then go for the fish. Or the vegetarian dish. Or try something you have never eaten before.

  • Listen to something else.

One of the simplest ways to burst of out the same old rut is to find something new to listen to. Like with the food, take one or more steps outside of your comfort zone. Your taste in music may not be as narrow as you believe – that has certainly been the case for me – and this simple thing can really expand your world.

  • Slow down.

When you slow down you naturally connect better with what is happening inside of you and outside you in this moment. What happens right now becomes more vibrant and not hidden behind thoughts racing in your mind about the past or a possible future. Slow down to enjoy the moment and to not miss life while you are planning for the future or reliving the past.

  • Be your own best friend.

When you stumble, when you fall and when you have a dream then cheer yourself on. Instead of beating yourself up or talking yourself out what YOU deep down want. It makes life so much lighter and happier.

  • Enjoy the small things.

This becomes easier when you slow down. There are so many small things happening all around that you may miss out on if you rush quickly to the next thing. So take the time and use your attention to enjoy the small things. A long hug, a walk in the woods, a sunset or the full moon rising among so many stars in the night sky.

  • Forgive.

When you don’t forgive someone then you are stuck in negativity and suffering even if the person who wronged you may have moved on. So you don’t have to forgive to be a good person to someone else. Do it for yourself. To be your own best friend. For your own happiness. And for the rest of your years and decades on this earth.

  • Feel the pain.

Not all days will be great or fun. Suffering is a natural part of life too. We lose people in our lives for different reasons. We lose our pets. We lose our jobs or get sick. And sometimes we just have a terrible day. Don’t try to escape it but feel it. It is a part of living fully and the deeper the pain carves for a time the more joy and appreciation of life and what you have you’ll be able to hold later on.


Note: We are inspired to use this content from various sources of Internet. This is for student’s learning and motivation purpose. We do not claim this to be our own.