How To Answer, Why Do You Want To Join This Company?

Heart beating fast, stomach twitching, palms sweating; these are some of the most common symptoms one experiences when one walks into the interview hall. The only way to overcome such nervousness is proper preparedness for the interview.

Most of us know that Yoga makes us fit and active, still how many of us do yoga every day? The answer is very few. See, practicing yoga is very similar to our interviews. Most of us know the important questions asked by HR in the interviews still we go without preparation. So today, let’s figure out how to answer the question, Why do you want to join this company?

Explain Your Priorities and Goals

The first potential mistake with this question is if you give off any sign that you haven’t thought about what you want.

Hiring managers want to see that you’ve put effort into thinking about your career, your job search, and what’s your priorities are in next position you take.

Think about it the other way around. What if you asked a company, “what does your ideal candidate for this job look like?” and they said, “hmm, we’re not sure, we’re just looking for someone who can do the job.”

That doesn’t make the job seem very desirable, does it?

If you give a similar answer about what you’re targeting in your search, you’ll have the same result.

So, when they ask “why do you want this job?”, the first thing to do in your answer is to define something that’s important to you in your job hunt or career overall.

Maybe you want a career growth or a higher level role or more leadership, more responsibility, more chance to work in a certain area or build a certain skill. More exposure to any number of things (a technology, a certain industry, etc.)

Here’s an example of how your answer might begin. Notice right away I’m describing what is driving my current job search.

“I really love interacting with customers and my last job took me a bit away from that. I’m looking to find a role that will let me get back to the direct customer interaction that I enjoy so much.”

Show That You’ve Researched About The Position

Once you’ve given the hiring manager an idea of what you are targeting, talk a bit about what you did to make sure you get this position.

Companies like to see that you’re careful in your job search and not just desperate for anything.

Show the hiring manager that you put some effort into researching as much info as possible about the position.

This might be as simple as reading the job description. Sometimes you might need to go on the company’s website or LinkedIn page to find info about the area you’re targeting your job hunt.

Here’s what your answer might look like after a bit of research:

“I really love interacting with customers and my last job took me a bit away from that. I’m looking to find a role that will let me get back to the direct customer interaction that I enjoy so much. I took a look at the job description before coming in and it seems like this role involves a lot of customer-facing work.”

Connect The Dots

So far you’ve told the hiring manager what you want in your next job. Then you talked about what you saw in this position that made it interesting. But companies, hire based on their interests, not yours. So to really give a strong answer, we need to conclude in a way that puts their needs in focus.

So after you point out the things about the job that excited you, talk about how your strengths would play into what they need.

If something is mentioned a lot in the job description, it’s not just a career opportunity they can provide you… it’s something they need your help.

They have to find somebody is willing and excited to do this work. You can show them that you’re the right person at the end of your answer.

All these points are definitely going to express your interest behind getting the job and the HR will be happy enough to offer it to you.

Joyitri Nag