How to Answer What Is Your Weakness?

See we all are human beings and we all have our own set of positives and negatives. They are a few who may not have any bad habits but still they’ll have some so called good-bad habits such as procrastination, talkative, coming late to office, being lazy, having too much of fear, weakness of girls or girlfriends etc.

In interviews when this question is asked what are your major weakness, don’t say that I don’t have any weakness or I’m a person with full of weaknesses but will not please the interviewer.

Try to practical when this question is posed at you, don’t get tremble with fear or don’t immediately answer with over confidence.

Just say them something practical such as ‘I’m bit lazy’ or ‘I take long breaks’ but not with weakness in terms of your job skill (I’m poor at that or this).

The question is asked to know your honesty and to know the sense of self-awareness and your plans to overcome your weaknesses.

Interviewers love these questions, as they are tricky and painful for you as you have to dig your dark past and reveal everything and that should be believable.  

Answer it like this: –

Tell something that are natural, honest and positive such as you are bad at managing something and how badly you are trying to overcome it and how you succeeded in it. Such as, when I make a mistake, I cannot get away from it for hours. So, I work my best to stop committing it or you can put it this way. I need to much of information before I make any decision or complete the given task, this generally slows me down.

Note: – Never use the phrase – “I don’t have any”, while answering this question.

Another good way of putting is telling your major strength as your weakness such as fear of failure, fear of committing mistake, fear of somebody finding faults at your work.

Also remember that don’t give some tailor-made answer to this question, as the interviewer might have heard the same from other guys. So, always have your own customised weakness to make your stand out from others.

Forgetting this -> I know follow calendar and make a to do list finally conclude it in a positive way.  

Criticize yourself constructively such as I could have handled it better doing it this way. Do the best criticism possible and that works for you.

It is also a bad to tell that you’re a Mr. Perfect who doesn’t have any weaknesses (even if you are) and the interviewer will consider this as your major weakness (not accepting your flaws).  

Once you have prepared your answer, kindly rehearse it in front of the mirror, such that your brain automatically connects to your answer when the question is posed at you in the interviews.

So, hope you’ll practice it well and succeed in your interviews.

-E.Hemachandra Prasad.