How Does Multitasking Help You Become A Leader?

Do you remember those days, you used to message your friends secretly while studying and used to be bashed by your mother for doing so? This I believe was a common thing for most of us.

How many of you remember what your mother would have remarked on your behavior? She might have said, “Jack of all trades is a master of none”.

Maybe those days it used to be different but in the present scenario, people are mostly like “Jack of all trades.”

If we take the MNC’s into consideration, the employers mainly look for talented people in all the areas and not just in one particular subject.  Now let’s talk about who is the real leader?

A leader is not someone who can handle one particular task at one time, but the one who can manage all the tasks simultaneously. So multitasking is one of the essential talents for a leader.

Now the big question is how we can multi task effectively?

Top 3 Tips For An Effective Multi Tasking!

1. Work on related tasks together.

When you work on a task, your brain activates all the circuits and neurons related to that task. When you switch to a new task, your brain has to adjust and it takes time on your memory, focus, and productivity.

The more you switch, the more you have to keep changing your state of mind. If you need to multitask, then minimize the time lapse by doing all the related tasks together. The more relaxed they are, the easier it will be for you to move effectively between them.

2. Prioritize the work in advance.

If you work in a busy schedule, create systems to ensure that important tasks or long term projects don’t slip through you. “In a practical sense, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.”To stay top in your work, remind yourself what really needs to get done in priority.

Many times in a bad state of mind we need to forget the important things that need to get completed. So post you’re to do list on a prominent spot and rank it by priority. Color code or bold the most important tasks and make sure you set aside enough time to address them.

3. Review the completed work.

One of the dangers of multitasking is that it gets away with some of the brains. Most of the times you lose track of the already completed things and the information you have acquired in the process. When you try to recall what you learned, you’re more likely to go blank.

If you have to skim an important document, take time to review it later that day. Reread it while you walk between meetings or while you drive back home, and explain it back to yourself to make sure you understand it. You’ll have a much better chance of solidifying it in memory.

The biggest hurdle for multitasking is your hesitation and fear of failure in completing the work effectively.  Let’s try to come out of this hesitation and give it a try and observe how remarkably your mind becomes sharp and you emerge as a successful leader.

  • Jyothisri Nag

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