How Do You Plan a Busy Day at Work?

Your day at work is very different from your day at school or college. There is no time table laid out for you, which means you get to manage your day and you are responsible to get your work done, and finish your tasks for the day, and if you have extra responsibilities for the day, and there are people relying on you and your work. Now, there is really no way to virtually plan out your day at work, other than by following the brilliant concept of ‘priority flow’.

Priority flow refers to knowing your targets for the day and giving importance to those targets to get them done by the end of the day. It involves managing your time and other duties to accommodate the most urgent things.

Here are a few helpful tips that can help you to execute a busy day at work with a proper plan and preparation.

  • Stay at alarm with your To-do- The first step to any plan, is to make a to- do list. Generally, you don’t require one for a routine day at office, but if you have extra work, it is always better to have a list of important work that needs to be done for the day. Also write down the ideas in your head along- side each task if you already know how to solve them.
  • Email- management- An employee’s inbox is probably flooded with emails every day. In that case, open your inbox after you finish at least one task for the day. If it’s an urgent memo, reply to that first, then do your work, then respond to the rest of your emails as and when you find time.
  • No multi- tasking- You might be very good at handling multiple things at once, and even efficiently. But to do an impressive job, you must focus your energy at one task at one time. This way you will find clearer ways to grasp solutions and increase your productivity without getting exhausted. Plus, since you already have your to- do list charted out, you don’t have to worry about forgetting any tasks.
  • Reduce call- time and talk- time- When you have many chores for the day, keep your phone calls and meetings to less than 20 minutes, and always abide by that rule. Lesser socialising will also benefit as it will buy you more time to finish your tasks. However, if you are stuck at a problem, it is always, and this can’t be stressed enough, always better to talk to someone who knows how to solve it than search on the internet. It’s quicker, faster and also reliable for counter insights.
  • Keep tabs- It is possible that one task may take up more than expected time. In such a case, keep tabs and check your time- lapses. Doing this will also boost your motivations because you get to tick off all the work that you have done, and feel satisfied with yourself.