How corona virus impacted student chosen career

How corona virus impacted student chosen career

As Covid – 19 hit the globe with its catastrophic effects, it is not only the healthcare sector that had to bear the devastating effects, but also the other sectors had to suffer a lot in one way or the other. One such sector is the education sector where the career choices of the students have turned upside down due to the major transformation students had to go through from being in the classrooms to attending online classes while sitting at home. However, as every coin has two sides, Covid 19 also impacted the students career both positively and negatively.

The career choices have definitely taken a toll as the fresh graduates are still bewildered between office culture and work from home culture. On the other hand, students really got some time to understand their area of interest and go for other courses simultaneously.

This blog covers both kinds of impacts corona virus created in the career choices of the students.

Some positive impacts

Exposure to other online courses: With Covid 19 hitting the world, students got some real time to introspect regarding their actual area of interest and the career path they really want to go for. Therefore, they got a lot of opportunities through various online courses that paved the way to several other fields, thereby facilitating a wide range of career choices to choose from.

New opportunity to discover themselves: As closing down of colleges was the repercussion of Covid – 19, students got some real time to shift their focus from theoretical skills to soft skills such as communication skills, interpersonal skills, time management skills and other such job oriented skills.

 Some negative impacts 

Perplexity among students: With everything turning virtual, students got perplexed between the two different work cultures. Some of them are still not able to figure out which career option to chose because of lack of guidance that they could have got had the situation been normal. As online mode was the only mode of learning, students didn’t get the exposure to the various kinds of other fields because of which they are now confused regarding which path to opt for.

Uncertainty: Students now are quite uncertain regarding which job profile to go with since a lot of lay offs have taken place post covid. Therefore, the career choices have become highly uncertain due to the very limited jobs available after the pandemic.

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