Having A Positive Attitude In A Job Interview

We all know that Recruiters want to recruit people who have a good and positive attitude to which we too should possess it.

When you look at yourself in a certain way, and then cross check with the others, how they see you? It can be quite shocking if their perspective is different or even negative.

  • Therefore, how to ensure that you are portraying a good positive attitude at an interview?
  • An individual who takes things seriously likes to think very carefully before answering a question and then replies in a proper way.
  • All these qualities of the job seeker are likely to be positively taken by an Interviewer,
  • Therefore the job seeker with the above qualities is considered to be having a positive attitude?

So, where is the problem?

It is important to recognize that there are two such problematic situations while being interviewed

1) Hiding a negative attitude.

2) Not showing a positive attitude.

If an interviewer does not see a positive attitude in you, they might have a negative impression in their minds, so it could just be a safe try to portray a little positive attitude of you.

At the very least, you would be missing an opportunity to stand out from your peers.

So the message for you is clear and it is to make sure to show that you have a positive attitude.

How to show that positive attitude?Engage with a little Gentleness

From the very beginning like “Knocking the door, Shaking hands, making eye contact with the Interviewer, Listening to the Interviewer carefully”, till the very end of saying a “Thank you” before leaving is very important.

1) Be the Real person you are

It is always good to look like a professional so be formal. This doesn’t mean you to act like a Robot. So you can be little genuine as well. Too much of professional behavior may put an impression of a Fake personality.

2) Be Confident

It is always good to be confident. It is a Non-Verbal approach of telling the Interviewers that you have a lot of content in you.  To which you got to be well prepared for the interview because the Interviewer will check how prepared are you?

3) Agree with the Interviewer

There is a lot of negativity in the word “No”. It is always good to be a positive person, but here I m not asking you to lie to your Interviewer. Tell things in a convincing way, so that the Interviewer gets a positive impact on you.

4) Be Positive

Talk about what you can do, not what you can’t. Talk the abilities with a positive approach. Never say anything negative about yourself at any cost.

The above tips might help you to crack your interview with more confidence.

Wish you Good luck.

Thank you.

– Rahul Srinivasan