Have You Failed All Your Entrance Exams?

The horror of failing entrances is real. In India, to get into any college, one needs to pass an entrance exam. These exams are constructed to test the capability of students about the knowledge they have in the subject and their preparation. These entrance exams are hence, the qualification a student needs to take up higher studies.

These exams have a cut off mark you need to achieve to secure an admission into the college. If you didn’t make it through any of your entrance exams, you are okay to feel completely clueless and lonely about it. However, it’s not the end of the world. Many a successful people have failed before eventually reaching their goals.

Here’s Few Tips on How to Gain Confidence and Do Well at Entrances

  • Analyse your entrance questionnaire:

Now that you have attempted all your entrances, try to judge what kind of questions they are asking. Most subject related entrances ask questions related to the current syllabus of the course you applied to study for. Or they question your general knowledge on topics like important people associated with it, or the awards, or the milestones etc.

Once you narrow down the scope of your preparation, you can study with more orientation.

  • Aptitude/ reasoning/ verbal:

Almost all entrance exams test your skill in your logic, English vocabulary and basic math skills to measure your communication skills, problem solving abilities and IQ.

If you think your skills are weak, there are a number of practice books and tests which are easily available online and in books, at cheap, affordable prices. Solve at least 5 problems per day and take a weekly test by yourself to calculate your progress. The instructions and methods to solve will be mentioned in the books along with an example. If it still seems difficult to learn by your own, ask a friend to help. If you can afford tuition, join a coaching centre and practice every day.

  • Forget the failure

It is natural to feel dejected and depressed when you have no options left. You begin to doubt yourself and your abilities. But remember, these are acquired skills, which means that they can only be understood and learnt through constant practice. The more regular practice, the more knowledge you gain about your subject.

You will experience disappointment and pressure from your family, society and sometimes friends too. If you know that your preparation wasn’t enough, instead of giving into these pressures and being hard on yourself, start your study again. This time, don’t repeat your mistakes and take your studies seriously. You can only be what you prepare to be, and not what you wish to be.

  • Zero in

The bright side of failing is that, you have more time than before for yourself to judge which college you don’t want to go to. Use that vision and eliminate that college from your list. This also narrows your scope of preparation a little more.  Make a schedule and prepare for only what you think is the best for you.