Grooming Tips For An Interview

We all go through some sort of nervousness before an interview, don’t we? Digging deep we’ll actually understand it is not questioning in an interview we fear for, but various other factors which we normally neglect is the reason for our fear, let’s see what it is…

One of the main reasons for your fear is, you are not well groomed for an interview, if you are excessively stressed out on the day before you attend an interview, your eyes will turn red (can also be due to less sleep) and your heart will start beating faster when you are in front of the HR (as you are not well prepared & well groomed) and your hands will become sweaty and your problems list just goes on…

Now, let us think that you go to meet a new person for the first time with a sleepless face and red eyes. What do you expect, he’ll think of you?

The first thing that we see while talking to any person in his eyes. So, imagine how would a new person evaluate you based on your look? Absolutely not good right? So, one needs to groom him/herself well before they attend an interview.

An interview is not only about what you say about yourself, but it is also about how you present it! So, let’s see how to groom for an interview.

How Should Boys Groom For An Interview!

Boys normally love to have spiky hair, which is totally unprofessional for interviews. They need to groom their hair in a proper & dignified manner and wear a light-colored shirt with a dark trouser. They should avoid wearing dark colored shirts, as it absorbs more light and make them look pale and they shouldn’t forget wearing a belt that is of color the same as their shoe.

They should wear neat socks, a color similar to their trousers. They need to avoid wearing white socks as it looks strikingly contrast to their black shoes. Boys should not wear any bracelets, wristbands while attending an interview.

They can wear only a watch to their wrist. Also try to avoid wearing too many rings to your fingers, as it distracts the interviewer attention by moving your hands while communicating with the HR.

Avoid dirty shirts with creases, sweat marks, and bad odour as it gives a negative impression about a person and don’t forget to Iron your shirt!

How Should Girl’s Groom for an Interview

Coming to girls, it is better if they wear business formals or cotton churidars to an interview (their comfort levels). Girls should clip their hair well and it shouldn’t be left loose as it creates discomfort while having a conversation and diverts the attention of the people.

A plaited hair looks totally professional for a dignified woman and gives a great classy impression. Girls should limit their jewelry for interviews. Makeup can be advisable provided you don’t overdo it and make sure you use good brands else you might end up scaring your HR with your zombie look.

While choosing shoes, choose the ones that cover your fingers well. Avoid wearing heels if you are not comfortable with them and don’t choose the ones that make noise while walking.

Girls should not apply any perfumes or body sprays. They also should avoid wearing flowers, anklets as these are unprofessional for an interview.

Always groom such a way that your dignity is enhanced with your attire and Please prepare well for an interview that gives you a confident smile while you are in conversation with the hr.

Your look speaks volumes about your personality and your non-verbal communication. So, be very careful about your look and body language to set a positive impression.

  • Jayothri Nag