Good Leader

Everyone can be a leader, yet only a select few can become a great leader. Regardless if have worked your way up the corporate ladder or just started your own business, the route to leadership is never an easy one. A good leader must

Face challenges. A great leader is a brave yet prudent. You should be ready to face challenges and answer for the consequences of your decisions.

Be honest. Inform your co-workers of both good and bad news, and how the company is going to react. You are responsible for establishing a calm environment among your co-workers, so they are sure they are unlikely to be hit with unpleasant surprises.

Keep calm. Professionals never show their emotions. You have to stay focused, and if you feel overwhelmed, it is better to take a walk or even stay and work from home. Your colleagues, partners, and even your managers make mistakes; nevertheless you can never allow yourself to correct them in anger. Instead, calmly explain the situation and what you expect them to do in the future.

Pursue passions. Although it is a bit clichéd, it is true that you will never become a leader if you are heading in the wrong direction in your career. Being young allows us to try and understand what is interesting yet beneficial for us. Use your time well.

Set an example. Be the kind of leader you would follow yourself. You may not know every task 100 percent, but it is essential to understand how to solve or better improve each situation. If you were promoted to become a manager of a marketing department, you have to know specifics of the work and each employee. It is you who must take responsibility for each task, and not your co-workers. Your main aim as a leader is to set an example; so for instance, if you want them to be at work on time, you should be punctual yourself.