Gender Discrimination at The Workplace!

As everything is changing in this fast moving modern& competitive world, the sexual orientation, human rights, and discrimination based on their gender, policies for equal pay for all genders and other laws too have changed across the world.

Today let’s see what is these new rights that people have got based on the difference in their gender, and how to keep it professional…

  1. No Private or public Organization can treat a person differently/discriminate them based on their sexual orientation at the workplace.
  2. Every transgender/ non-conforming gender are protected under the latest LGBTQ equality laws & policies to eliminate all sorts of harassment and discrimination at them.
  3. It is not a must to disclose one’s gender in their CV/resume before they apply for a job, as such affiliations can influence/discriminate a person in recruiting the candidate.
  4. Now, many big MNC’s are given a CEI (Corporate Equality Index) rating based on their equality policies such as LGBTQ equality, responsible citizenship, Non-discrimination policies, Employment, and other terms & conditions.
  5. It is everyone’s (employees) responsibility for the professional development of every citizen and organization irrespective of their gender and to help bring awareness and break down the barriers of all the above issues.
  6. Being LGBTQ can be not the candidate’s mistake, it can be due to the biological reasons and other reasons…so, one cannot lose his or her opportunity or right of working in a certain domain having certain skillset and professional qualifications.
  7. They don’t use tags and labels to say that they are biologically different and get categorize them. As people would bully and make fun or harass them based on their orientation. They should be given an opportunity to prove their talent instead.
  8. They are not separate beings in the office either! Such as untouchables, anti-social elements. It is a sensitive subject to understand as simple as your fellow pregnant and patient employees.
  9. They didn’t ask you to play a matchmaker job or create hatred either, they just want their space and rights to accomplish their professional duties.
  10. The awkward questions you ask them about their personal life can be hurtful to them. As they are fed-up with such questions ever since their childhood/ or the day they got diagnosed and knowing it can also turn harmful to them in the later period.

Therefore, LGBTQ is just another gender either due to biological reasons or physical disabilities who can be treated professionally at the workplace.

Hope all the above points make sense and help you answer some typical questions in some interviews such as ‘would you consider working with an LGBTQ co-worker at your workplace?’

-E Hemachandra Prasad