Feel Like a Failure at School/ Work? Do This

There is no way to succeed through a deed or two, it takes a journey sometimes, to feel like you have achieved what you wanted to, at your college or at work. But in that journey, even one mistake sometimes makes you feel like a failure. It is very likely that then, that mistake keeps repeating, and eventually you end up feeling dejected. If you feel like this, or you think that you are incompetent, there are ways to gain your confidence back. But just you’re your way of attaining success, even getting back up needs a plan and lots of patience, because this too is a journey.

  • Don’t hide yourself- When you are down in the dumps, you become very vulnerable to all the positive and the negative aspects of your environment. So, in order to protect yourself, you begin to avoid public meetings, or skip work once or twice, and eventually it becomes a habit before you know it. Which is why, it is very important to stay put and finish your work for the day at least before retiring into your comfort zone. This way, you will be motivated to work, because that could be one of the things that is going on without any interruptions.
  • Talk about your situation- Talking is the best therapy in situations when you feel threatened or embarrassed or vulnerable. The reason is that when you share what you are going through with someone you confide in, you will feel less lonely and less burdensome, and perhaps even less angry.

How to talk tips:

  • Take your time until you feel comfortable, and open up about the exact things that are bothering you.

For example: Instead of saying ‘I don’t think I’m good at my work’, try to be more specific by adding details, like, ‘I think I’m unable to cope with the pressure because I’m having to deal with huge work load and I think my team is falling apart.’

  • Then, if you think the person is capable of giving good advice and understands what you are trying to say, ponder over possible ways in which you can handle the problem.

Talking provides a perspective.

  • Reflect and don’t compare- People are very different from one another. If one person deals with failure, through anger, another might deal it in the form of repression, and somebody else through projection. The point is that when each person has different problem, they need a different amount of time and efforts to overcome their challenges. Hence, when you are reflecting upon your own challenges and learning how to face them, deal with your issues calmly and self- preservedly. Comparison only stalls your recovery.
  • Begin big or begin small, but don’t look back once you set your sail- That’s right, once you have found your ways to get back up, start actively finishing your work and socialising. That is how you keep your group or team together. Start taking up challenges that will make you feel alive. Remember, every small and big victory counts.

The real way to get over your failures, is by actively indulging in setting and achieving goals that make you feel like a champion.