Failed In Campus Placements? Then do this!

When you don’t get a job, don’t feel ashamed of yourself, as there is nothing to feel ashamed. Many legendary CEO’s have gone through this phase. So, when you failed to crack any interview or a streak of interviews please do the below.

How to get over your failed campus interviews:

● Do not sit at home and be hopeless: Make sure you go outside with successful people and have a word with them.

● Make the time between your career and college worth: So, learn all those lacking skills that are necessary for further job search.

● Improve your aptitude and technical skills by taking tests: There are no.of websites online, so keep practicing them.

● Analyze your results and try to improve them: Check, our performances and work on the weak areas.

● Join some training institute, keep learning: Join some good nearby institute and work on your weak areas.

● If it is possible, get an internship, go for it, no matter paid or not paid: Internships are a good way of learning things, apart from getting exposed to corporate culture.

● Be alert !! Seek for jobs on job portals and facebook group: Never stop your job trails.

● Constantly improve your resume: make a good and standard resume for yourself.

● Be confident: Try to rehearse your interviews, answers and other GD topics

Therefore, If you did not get a job on campus, that doesn’t mean your life ends here. Make yourself so better against the competition. Always be motivated. There is nothing which can stop you from getting a job then.

Though it is not as easy as it is on campus placements, this approach helps you get a call 🙂 All the best.