Factors That Make Trust Possible Under Any Circumstance

Factors That Make Trust Possible Under Any Circumstance

Trust has a front door and a back door which is why many spend their whole life “trying” to trust other people yet, fail miserably. Trust comes up within work teams who are collaborating and building together. It appears in relationships that are blooming into longevity and meaning. It also shows up in the mirror, staring back at ourselves as we prepare for the day.

“Don’t trust them” are words we have heard recently as scandals, pandemics, and threats of economic downturn have disrupted our normal lives. There is a sense of distrust with media, celebrities, government, and even our own neighbor. This is front door trust. When the telltale wrap of front door trust comes knocking on our door, we answer it and then we decide if the thing, entity, or being on the other side is giving off vibes or information that we can trust.


  • True

The truth about the world today is…We can fill in the blank with our perceptions. It is so easy to do by blocking people who have different opinions or say things we just don’t want to hear. We can handpick the songs we listen to and intentionally avoid all other genres; pushing out music that makes our ears hurt and our minds jumbled, hearing chords and lyrics that leave filled with anxiety. We can censor other distractions to prove ourselves right in order to preserve our ideas of what is good in the world.


  • Resolve

When we are resolved in who we are, we can be confident – in spite of the uncertainty that exists within the world. By focusing our resolve, we spend time on the things we know. The error many succumb to is when what we know – what we think we know is proven to be false. Only when we focus on our inner strengths, healing, gifts, and talents, are we fully ready for whatever comes next! 


  • Under

The notion that we can be UNDER something is only available to us in our mind because at one time we were OVER that something. Under is simply a concept that exists because it balances the opposite end of the context, over. To understand fully, one end of the spectrum, we must also be able – and willing – to understand the other. 

This is the concept of yin and yang. To secure Trust, we must understand that we control the context, and that we can shift our perception when we look at a situation from as many different viewpoints as possible. In this way, we gain a deeper understanding that resonates with who we are on the inside. 


  • Stress

This part of Trust is a big one because being stressed and having stress have become a badge of honor in some communities and cultures. It is what separates us as successful or unsuccessful and it comes with a proud button worn for all to read, “Busy and Unavailable”. Stress is a factor that magnifies when we decide it can come and overtake us. 

It usually starts as a thought which drives the hormones. We then feel something based on that thought which leads to the busyness behaviors. These behaviors produce more thoughts and then our bodies are flooded with more hormones and we exhibit more behaviors and the cycle goes on and on. 

To get out of the stress cycle, we must first control our thoughts, more so in times of uncertainty, to avoid perceiving the world around us as negative, and untrusting. The concept of controlling a thought does not mean that you have the power to never have the thought in the first place. The importance here is placed on practicing ways of intervening and challenging your thoughts, as well as developing new thoughts and thought patterns.


  • Thrives

The last part of Trust rests in the outcome we all desire on some level or another, which is the ability to thrive in our life situations. We want to prosper, to flourish, and to have success that leads to fulfilment. This is only possible when trust is in place within us, shaping how we see the world. Without this inner trust, while we may thrive and succeed, we are, at the same time, constantly looking over our shoulder waiting for it to all come crashing down or be taken from us. 

We do not have to live our lives without knowing true feeling and peace of trust. We can grasp it when we first look within and seek to understand the true essence of who we are and how  firmly we stand when we perceive ourselves under attack, or in a situation that we thought we would be over by now. We reaffirm trust when we take hold of our thoughts and thrive in our current situation, which leaves room for us to have success, happiness, and joy in each moment of our lives. 


Note: We are inspired to use this content from various sources of Internet. This is for student’s learning and motivation purpose. We do not claim this to be our own.