Employability Skills-Problem solving

Employability Skills


Employability skills is an umbrella term for a set of highly desirable, transferable skills that turn you into a very attractive candidate or employee. They can be defined as a set of skills employers want from a potential employee.


Let’s take a closer look at employability skills examples and try to answer the question:


Why are employability skills important?


Here we go:




62% of recruiting professionals identify problem-solving as a skill that gets you hired.


Why is problem-solving so valued?


Companies face a lot of obstacles. Those better able to cope with challenges will thrive. Those less able will ultimately fail.


Simple as that.


Problem-solving is part and parcel of everyday life at any company, and it involves:


  1. analyzing facts and figures
  2. defining challenges
  3. devising contingency plans
  4. assessing processes
  5. creating and implementing solutions




No wonder employers are constantly looking for people who can help them tackle setbacks and streamline processes.


As a matter of fact, problem-solving is part of several larger skill sets. If you want to be sure you’re making the most of this skill, make a beeline for our guides on analytical skill and critical reasoning skills.