Employability Skills-Communication skills

Employability Skills


Employability skills is an umbrella term for a set of highly desirable, transferable skills that turn you into a very attractive candidate or employee. They can be defined as a set of skills employers want from a potential employee.


You might want to ask—


So, what are employability skills specifically?


Well, there isn’t a single answer that pinpoints them. Neither are they referred to as employability skills in job adverts.




We can fall back on studies and surveys, such as this one  or that one to identify the skills employers and recruiters value most.


Even though you will come across different sets of employability skills, here’s a quick look at the most common one:


Communication skills


If you want to succeed in your professional (and personal) life, you need to be able to effectively communicate with others.


This is why communication is a fixture on any employability skills list.




There’s more to communication than saying things so that people “get it.”


To be called a good communicator, you need to:


  • listen
  • empathize
  • draw logical conclusions
  • build rapport
  • adapt language to your audience
  • act accordingly upon the information you gather