Easy and Essential Tips to Improve Your English Vocabulary

Language is the means of communication between one person and another to pass and receive information. Language is what we use every day. It is the medium through which we share our thoughts, express our emotions and convey messages. Yet, a language has no end to its vocabulary, and we often fall short of words to communicate.

The English language has a vast vocabulary, and to imbibe it is a constant learning process.

Why is Vocabulary Necessary?

To have knowledge of the vocabulary means to know the right words for the right context, that helps us to deliver the right kind of information that we intend to. It is also very useful in decorating the way we speak and write, so that the content becomes less redundant and more interesting.

Above all, vocabulary gives us the power to express our true abilities. For example, you may be smart and quick in finding solutions to your problems because you are intelligent and a fast learner. However, since you will not know how to put across your ideas and understanding into words, your competence and talent will remain unrecognised.

How to Increase Your Vocabulary?

Here’s a list of really simple ways to improve your vocab skills in English language:

  • Read Every Day- Pick any book written in English and read 5 pages per day. You can also read any English language newspaper.
  • Learn New Words- Underline the words whose meaning you do not know. After reading for a while, make a list of all the new words and their meanings. Use a dictionary to find out their meanings. Try to learn a minimum of 5-10 words per day.
  • Make Sentences- Using the new words, try to create simple sentences without changing the form of the word. Make at least two sentences for each word. This way you will not only remember the words, but also understand the right context to use them in.
  • Re-read-Once you have done all of the above, repeat the first step again. Re-read the same pages after learning the meanings of the words you didn’t know before. You will notice that your reading pace will have increased along with better understanding, and the number of misunderstandings will have reduced.
  • Articulate- Try to accommodate these new words that you learnt in your daily vocabulary. Speaking in English regularly enhances your language fluency and helps you to communicate your ideas more efficiently and impressively!