Dressing for an Interview

Every company has a different dress code to its employees, similarly they also expect their interviewees to be dressed appropriately and professionally while they attend a recruitment drive.

So, before you start saying something to an interviewer, you have already left an impression with your look. Dressing plays an important role in job interviews. The below article is about dressing ethics, especially while you attend a job interview. Now, let’s see how to dress for a job interview.

For Men

Dress professionally:

Dress appropriately to the position you are applying for. Dressing in formal wear is suitable for all sorts of job interviews.

The formal dress works:

Formal pants with a Formal shirt, tie with coordinating socks and shoes looks cool for interviews. If possible dark-colored suit would be the best option for senior/manager level jobs, you can just go without it for all other interviews.

Check Your Comfort:

Looking stylish is not enough, you’ll also have to be comforted in the dress you are wearing. So, check your dress fitting. The dress you chose should look both cool & comfortable and fit you well so that you can look relaxed and act with ease.

The same is not the case when you are not comfortable with the formal dress you wore and also please avoid very dark colors and flashy ties.

Clothing should always be neat & clean for interviews. If you don’t have an iron box, buy one or visit the dry-cleaner.

For Women

Generally, it looks professional when you wear a suit with a skirt or pants.  When in doubt, you can go in good plain chudidars.

Interview suits should be simple and dark in color.

Anything tight, bright, short, or sheer should be absolutely avoided.

Keep your jewelry and hair accessories to the minimum, and stick to those that are not flashy, distracting or shiny. One ring per hand is best.

Shoes should be formal and fairly low-heeled. They shouldn’t have any fancy fittings to it.

Similarly, take care of your hair.  

-By Rahul Srinivasan