Dos and donts of online interview

The Do’s of Online Video Interviewing                            


Keep the following points in mind in order to succeed in a video interview


  • Do familiarize yourself with the technology beforehand. Try talking to a friend through it the day before your interview
  • Do conduct the interview in a room where you are not going to be disturbed
  • Do make sure the lighting in the room is good and make sure whatever is behind you is simple and appropriate
  • Do perform the same amount of preparation as you would have done in any face-to-face interview
  • Do set the camera up so that you are seen from the waist up
  • Do test your internet connection the day of the interview so that you can be certain it is working.
  • Do dress professional, just as you would have done in any other interview
  • Do turn off your cell phone and close any other browsers so that you are not distracted.
  • Do clean the camera so that you don’t appear blurry on the other end
  • Do look straight into the camera so that it looks like you are looking directly at the interviewer.
  • Do remember all essential nonverbal traits, including eye contact, smiling and posture
  • Do leave a pause after every question the hiring manager asks. There might be a delay and you do not want to jump on an interviewer in the middle of a question
  • Do speak conversationally and try your best to build up a rapport with the interviewer
  • Do ask about the next step of the process at the end of the interview


The Don’ts of Online Video Interviewing


  • Don’t refuse a video interview altogether
  • Don’t neglect your personal hygiene. Make sure you wash your face and brush your teeth so that you still look professional
  • Don’t have an unprofessional username
  • Don’t go overboard on patterns or colours in your attire. Keep it professional
  • Don’t wear overly flashy jewellery
  • Don’t constantly be looking off-camera to review notes. Having something off to the side to help you is fine, but you should know off the top of your head what you want to talk about
  • Don’t move around a lot in your chair