Don’t Waste Space On Your Resume!

When it comes to your resume, don’t waste the space on your resume. As every A4 size page contains a limited 2 sides, one has to use properly to demonstrate your skills relevant to the job you are applying for.

Therefore, every word, line, and paragraph you use matters a lot. If you think by adding more no. of pages to your resume you are doing a pretty great job, then you are absolutely mistaken.

There are many online tools to draft your resumes such as a “Smart List tool”.

Never fill your resume with some random or irrelevant information that either waste the space or time of the hr and impression about you and that is no way going to help you grab the job that you are applying for.

Too Many Irritating Hobbies: Nobody has an interest in your hobbies, maybe for the sake of formality they might ask your hobbies. This doesn’t mean you talk in length about your hobbies. Everybody does browse the internet, listen to music, do exercise and socialize so, they are no different from others, so stop putting all the above nonsense in the name of hobbies.

Irrelevant Work Experiences: See, this is one more common mistake that either weaken your profile and a million questions arise out of mentioning your irrelevant experiences in your resume. Let the employer know that you are starting your career afresh or you are changing your career after possessing years of experience at a particular job. The employer will look for you consistency for the last 5 years what you did? Therefore, don’t fill all the other irrelevant experiences you had in your life.

Giving Too Many References/Information: Don’t scribble one more reference detail on your resume, just give his name & id number, if not just put ‘references detail available upon request’. This will only show how potential candidate you are! For not taking any help from your working friends.

Caste, Religion & Marital Status: It doesn’t matter if you are divorced, has kids, no kids, you are in a live-in relationship with somebody, or happily married, etc. It also doesn’t matter if you belong to some religion or converted to some other faith, belong to so and so caste, all they need is your relative educational qualifications and experiences and skills you possess. You are not applying for any dating site or biodata for a marriage bureau. If you are fresher, it is always good to not mention your marital status in your resume.

Attaching Your Photo: This might sound ambiguous, actually, it is not necessary to put your photograph at every job that you apply for, as you are not applying for any modeling or film acting roles. It is your skills and qualifications that should sell you, the recruiters should be impressed for them but nothing else, as you are applying for some technical organizations.

-E.Hemachandra Prasad