The Difference Between ‘Learning Vs Understanding’!

Learning and understanding are two different things, but they are interlinked. Let’s take the example of a school where students go to study their subjects. The students sit in a classroom to learn and understand something, if either of them is missing the learning process is incomplete.

If you only learn and do not understand what you have learned, the concept remains with you for a very short time, but if you understand what you have learned it will stay permanently in your brain.

Students generally face the problem of remembering some concepts and reproducing the same in the examination that is usually because students only learn the concepts and memorize them, and then the amount of non-understood data in their brain will exit, thereby causing them to forget the concepts in the examination.

To learn, we can go with the textbooks and learn through the writings in them, but to understand something visual or practical approach is very important.

Basically, learning is like the theoretical part of any working concept and understanding is the practical part of it, we cannot assume a doctor with ninety percentage in the academics to be the best until he or she performs practical experiments successfully on their study.

The same goes for all the other professions as well. If we would not have learned alphabets and words in our childhood it would have been impossible for us to understand our language. It is always difficult and sometimes impossible to understand a new language, that is because we did not go through the learning process of that language.

They are like two wheels of a bicycle; one cannot work without the other. Learning is easy as it deals with the facts of data already written and provided, but understanding is difficult because to understand something one might have to go beyond what is just written and taught. One should do a little research on it and spend some time analyzing it.