Do Like This While Preparing For Exams!

Exams are the standard to measure a student’s capability with a reason. Judging them is not easy, but your score reflects your competency.

I get it; there is a lot of pressure while you are preparing for your exams, and exam phobias are pretty common among students. But there are effective ways to overcome your fears and ace your exams through simple but effective improvement strategies. Below are few such tips

7 Tips For Exam Preparation

  • Start your preparation at once. The best way to crack your exams is by making a proper time table. The time table does not have to include every subject in a day like your regular school/college.
  • Make a flexible schedule that includes reading the subject matter and noting down bullet points.
  • With the help of your schedule, set short- term goals for the day that are practical and achievable. Divide your study into small chunks. This way you can remember your topics more easily.
  • Take short breaks. For example, if you plan to study for two hours, take 5- 10 minutes break for every half hour and drink some water or grab some snacks, or just walk around to clear your head.
  • Another effective way is to brief what you studied with your parents or your friends. Doing this, you will be able to measure your understanding of what you studied, and you will also know what are the important points.
  • Lastly, use your gadgets limitedly. Keep your schedule and goals for the day written beside while you are searching for your information. This way you will not get distracted and learn only what you require to, without losing your focus.
  • More importantly, sit in a well- lit and ventilated area, so that you spend your energy and concentrate on your studies rather than trying to understand the text.

Above all, consistency and regular practice is the key to ace your exams, and retain your information.

-Pranavi Gokavaram