Cutting Edge Technology: IOT

IOT or “Internet of Things” should be a concept known to every CSE, IT and ECE students aspiring to build a career in the Tehnology field. IOT is a vast field of implementaion and in a nutshell refers to the entire connected network of devices consisting of sensors, processors, gauges, monitoring systems, motors and acutators etc collectively called ‘Things’.

The reason why IOT has become so pouplar can be understood by the value propisition it brings in the form of 3Ps – Process Improvement, Price Effectiveness and People Intervention Reduction.

Sensors are used to monitor a process requirement and send user data to a cloud database where users can access it through an application.

For example take the use case of “Smart Agriculture”, here soil sensors can be used to test the moisture content in the agriculture fields. If the mositure level falls below a certain required level then the processor or a micro controller  can send a signal to a motor to start pumping water for irrigation in the field. this process will continue till the soil sensor notes that the amount of moisture is now adequate for healthy crops. It then triggers a signal to the water pump motor to stop operation.

Many types of sensors can be used together to get a better and more accurate understanding of conditions for example in the same use case of “Smart Agriculture” a soil sensor, temprature and humidity sensor, sunlight intensity sensor, rain sensor, plant monitoring set up using CMOS sensor and AI can be set up with constant monitoring of environmental variables. This data thus generated can be utilised to run analytics for effective agri-output etc.

So what we understand from this that IOT field is full of potential to make our lives easier, better and faster with smart use of business logic and will become a part of our daily lives.

Some the areas where IOT is implemented are:

  • Agriculture
  • Water Quality Monitoring Systems
  • Remote Cell Tower Monitoring and Control
  • Healthcare and Medicine
  • Home Automation
  • Manufacturing Processes
  • Smart City Automation and Control

There is deinitely a lot of focus and scope for fresh engineering graduates to build their awareness and skills towards this field.