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Creating Right Impression In Job Interviews

Most of the companies conduct an interview for selecting the right candidates for the organization. We are all aware of this proverb “The first impression is the last impression”.

If not the “last”, “the first impression” is a really powerful weapon, which when used effectively, speaks volumes about ourselves such as body language, attitude and our personality.

So one must know how to set the right impression on the minds of the HR executive.

The most frequent impression management’s notices are verbal self- promotions

The statements a candidate makes regarding his/her skills and abilities, these type of statements are either authoritative (initiated by the applicant) or defensive (applicant’s response to interviewer’s questions).

Authoritative self -promotion is noticed by your self- focused statements indicating applicant’s skills, abilities and characteristics. In addition to that the applicants trying to impress the interviewer by portraying that he/she holds beliefs and values similar to the goals and principles of the organization.

Through defensive responses, an applicant tries to repair his/her image when an interviewer appears to be not content with something that the candidate has said or done.

For e.g.  When asked to explain a year gap in the education or to justify a gradually decreasing percentage in the career.

Tips To Set Best Impression With The HR

  1. The employer may form some opinion on the candidate by candidate’s demonstration of his skills quoting with real-life examples.
  2. Candidate’s goals vs. organization goals. Presenting yourself as highly motivated and ambitious might leave you set a good impression.
  3.  Managing the non-verbal behaviors

Maintaining the right body language is important to the interviewer as he will be paying attention to the non-verbal cues as to what we say.

Preparing and practicing the answers is a great way to appear confident and qualified in the interview.

  • Managing the non-verbal behavior is quite simple. A firm handshake that accompanies eye contact with a smile can help the applicant to start a great conversation.

A dull face with locked fists can create a negative impression on the recruiter.    

  • Sitting with one’s back against the back of the seat, slightly inclined forward will help to convey what the applicant is to with the HR?
  • Gestures and proper eye contact during discussion depict that the applicant is genuine and a good communicator.
  • Wearing decent professional attire completes the applicant’s image and is one of the most important steps to create the right impression on HR.

An impression is not what you think about yourself. But the image one forms seeing your speaking, attitude, attire and the behavior.

A good clean attire and a confident face can really help the applicant stand apart from the crowd.

So, in order to create a great impression, one needs to take care of not only what one speaks but also how an individual presents himself in front of others.

-Jayotri Nag